Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Prom Diaries ... Part 7

It's The Prom in just two weeks time. Did you know that? I do, I know this because every other sentence uttered by TeenTwin1 or TeenTwin2 contains the phrase: "The Prom".

Two weeks to go and I am ALREADY totally Prom-med out. Two more weeks and I could be the first ever victim of Prom-Related Stress Disorder. It's been going on so long. So very, very long but now it's all but done.

The TeenTwin's dresses (the frighteningly expensive one and the still quite expensive, but not so much, one), are at the seamstresses having the obligatory last minute alterations. Footwear is chosen and in the process of being broken in (got to avoid those blisters, girls) and we're sorted for bras and bags.

And it's all paid for *turns out empty pockets* including the tickets and the APPALLINGLY expensive stretch Hummer that will deliver them in style to the Prom venue, even if it doesn't think OVER SIX HUNDRED POUNDS is enough to bring them all back home again.*Tuts*

Thank all Gods That Be we have an old, battered police transit van in which to pick them back up again *tries to avoid TeenTwin2's dirty look* I AM thinking of putting a blue light back on it's head just to give their departure from The Prom some style though because I am The Mother Who Thinks Of Everything.

And because I am The Mother Who Thinks Of Everything, we appear to be hosting The Prom after-party for a select FEW *meaningful look* of the TeenTwin's friends. Well, it was either that or them joining the other couple of hundred Prom-mers cruising the streets of Leeds after midnight with fake IDs looking for a club to take them in because that's going to work, right? Er....

But I'm not Draconian, I know you only live once so I WILL be purchasing a bottle of cider (for them) and three bottles of gin (for me) for the after-party festivities *happy smile.*

In two weeks and one day, The Prom will all be over and all I'll have to show for it is the pictures in the Yearbook (already paid for) to remember it by. 

*Surprised sad face* 

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really, REALLY wish we'd had a Prom when I was at school *sighs*

*Waits for 2015 and The Third Girl's Prom*

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