Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Prom Diaries, Part 8 ...

I didn't expect to be writing The Prom Diaries, Part 8. Well, I did but it was SUPPOSED to be gorgeously sumptuous pictures of the TeenTwins and their friends sipping cheap cava from plastic glasses dressed in glamourous dresses and suitable suits next to an improbable limousine. Now there will have to be a Diary Part 9 because ....

Well, because we're really getting down to the nitty-gritty of Prom night. The who's doing what with who where and why and when. Yes, they've hired the improbable limousine to deliver them to The Prom but the getting home again is down to the individual Prom-goers initiative. The TeenTwins, having plenty, have organised, cajoled, bribed, battered eyelashes and sulked enough to get The Man to fetch them.

And they're SO good at initiative they've persuaded The Man, in our beloved battered ex-police transit van to fetch not just them but five friends too. And they have more friends, so these friends are being brought home by a family friend who VOLUNTEERED *puts away stout stick* out of the deep goodness of his heart.

When I say brought home, I mean to our home for the required after-party which is, I've been told, de rigeuer. Rather that than having them sitting in a graveyard, or a field, or the roundabout (all of which have been previously mooted as after-party alternatives). Or trawling the streets of Leeds looking for a pub or club to take them in. Dressed in Prom dresses. After midnight. At 16. Well ... 

Okay. Maybe TeenTwin1 wants the after-party to mostly be vodka shots, pizza and "bangin' tunes" (in that order) and TeenTwin2 is just looking forward to chilling out in her slippers with a cup of tea and her mates but we'll just have to let them sort that out on the night.

Note to self: Hide the vodka.

Anyway, sounds like a plan? Or it would be if anybody had any bloody idea when The Prom ends or could remember where it's being held so we could pick the buggers back up in the first place.

APPARENTLY, the gospel according to the TeenTwins (they were told in assembly) is that The Prom ends at some time between 10.30 and 11.30 "probably." Entirely helpful, I don't think. We do know that The Prom is at  Leeds United Football Club, we also know Leeds United Football Club is really quite large and has numerous entrances, exits and car-parks.The TeenTwins talk vaguely of a mysterious pick-up point as a meeting point for the journey home though on investigation it seems to be a part of the club known only to limousine drivers, and they probably call it the drop-off point anyway.

I had to go back to read a previous Prom Diary blog to find out The Prom is being held in the club's Banqueting Suite and, to my knowledge, the letter that I gleaned that from was the last official communication from the school with any Prom information in it at all. That blog is from January. Six months ago.

But The Prom, by the time I publish this, will be tomorrow. TOMORROW *shriek* and there's not a lot else we can do. The TeenTwins and friends will climb in the improbable limousine at 6.15pm and at some point as yet unknown and at some place currently unconfirmed will be met to be brought home. 

Thank god for mobile phones.


  1. Mine has her prom next week. She wants to go in a tractor. Bizarre! Hope yours have a fab time!

    1. And yours too :)I like the tractor idea, MUCH classier than a stretch Hummer


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