Friday, 29 June 2012

The Prom Diaries ....... Part 9.

WE ARE POST PROM! And it feels not un-entirely like being post-op, tired and a little woozy and I didn't even go to the bloody thing.

And finally I've got a handle on what The Prom IS. After months of bafflement that an American tradition has been adopted so wholeheartedly by our education system, it turns out The Prom is, more or less, an old-fashioned, very English, dinner-dance for teenagers instead of members of the Rotary Club. They even serve rubbish dinner-dance food.

Big stuffing, little chicken

The TeenTwins both had a fabulous, brilliant, amazing, fantastic, ace and best-night-in-the-world-ever time EVER though. And they both looked fabulous too. I won't tell a lie, there were a few tears and they were all mine.

My Prom Queens

This morning, after a whole, whopping one hour's sleep they got all dressed up again for the traditional walk-of-shame to school where there was the traditional red carpet and the traditional cheering crowd of schoolchildren and the traditional FREE bacon sandwich in the school canteen and I really wish I'd have been there to see that.
If only because they must be the most expensive free bacon sandwiches ever *sighs*

The End.


  1. Aww they look stunning! We have my daughters on Tuesday, I bet I will cry too! X

  2. I've just been through the "mother of the prom girl" scenario. They don't teach you about this at nct classes.
    One of the most tiring, stressful, patience testing, roller coaster weeks with daughter so far........can I ever show my face in hairdressers again!!!!
    Also one of my most proud moments so far seeing a beautiful women stood in her prom dress ready to go.
    The after prom and after that parties also requiring new outfits and no sleep for any of you!
    Advice........take lots of pics, time goes so fast.

  3. They look amazing. So, do I need to forget about saving for my daughter's wedding and start saving for her prom instead? Only 16 years to go, after all...

  4. Ah the joy of sons.......I just have to supply a suit! They do look beautiful though x

  5. Your girls look gorgeous! Cannot ever imagine my two getting to those stage, although they inevitably will and I will almost certainly shed a tear or two ;) Thanks for linking up to Oldies but Goodies, great to look back.


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