Thursday, 7 June 2012

That Was The Jubilee That Was ...

....But not any old jubilee, it was a Diamond Jubilee. Sixty years of throne-sitting and crown wearing. Sixty years of money, privilege and luxury. But also sixty years of tireless service in a role unasked for, a role administered by an accident of birth.

I'm not entirely a fan of monarchy myself. I see the Royal family's tourist value but I also see that it perpetuates the idea of privilege by birth. But however skeptical about the monarchy you may be, you can't really deny that the monarch herself has worked all her life to promote this country at home and abroad.

I've dogged the Queen's footsteps on royal reporter assignment and stood as close to her as you can get in a small chemistry classroom filled with a hoarde of teenage boys and bunsen burners without being felled by a (no doubt ninja-trained) Lady-in-Waiting.

The Queen is small and powdered and she smells nice. She's extraordinarily polite, asks suitably banal questions and manages to successfully disguise glazing over in the boring bits. She nods a lot and smiles, graciously. She is an extraordinarily professional Queen.

As she exhibited throughout the jubilee weekend. At 84 years old, she stood for HOURS in driving rain, on a boat on the Thames, looking at other boats. She even endured the jubilee concert outside her front garden, listening to a Beatle singing "Live and Let Die" while her husband lay in a hospital bed *tuts* AND Will.I.Am. She is clearly a woman of indomitable spirit.

My favourite bit of the whole Diamond Jubilee celebration wasn't the service, the flotilla or the flypast. It wasn't even the concert, it was the bit right at the end of the concert when Prince Charles called The Queen "Mummy" and The Look that she gave him.

This weekend has, indisputably, been an example of how, when the world is just that little bit shit, the weather even shittier and the nation is in the slough of despond, one little old lady can inspire the country to hold it's head up a little higher, to wave it's flag with a bit more fervour and for all of us to think: "Yes, well actually, I AM just a little bit proud to be British."

Thank you, ma'am.

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  1. What a wonderful post this is exactly the way I felt too! I loved the 'Mummy' moment - just a mum who loves her son. I thought the words of diamonds are forever sounded ironic too she has plenty of diamonds but the man who has always been there was not by her side.


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