Wednesday, 18 July 2012

"And Now, The End Is Near"

And now, the end is near ..... the end of the school term that is. Only another two sleeps, Hoorah. Another two mornings of dragging The Boy from his bed, through a bowl of Weetabix and to school, Hoorah for that too. And just two more days of primary school for The Third Girl..... Oh *Stifled sob*

The Third Girl is moving on to secondary education and up to the local Academy, the Academy happens to be the fourth largest in England with over 2,000 students, her current school has less than 200 pupils in total. There will be nearly 400 new year sevens starting in September and one of them will be my little girl. And she is little (even though paradoxically she's also tall) she IS still only ten years old. She won't be 11 until a couple of weeks before the new school term starts.

I've spent a large amount of time through the seemingly never-ending induction to the Academy's rules, regulations, requirements and regimes wailing "BUT SHE'S ONLY TEN" at sometimes inappropriate moments earning myself several looks of utter contempt from the said ten year old because she can NOT wait to spread her wings.

Clearly she has decided that once she is at The Academy, the freedoms currently enjoyed by the TeenTwins will be hers to enjoy also. Never mind that the TeenTwins are six years older, about to start sixth form and are, to all intents and purposes, almost fully formed adult people. Almost.

The Third Girl is, I have no doubt, already planning Saturday shopping trips to town and a bit of hanging around in the local park with her mates. I'm trying to think of a way to break it to her gently that that kind of thing won't be happening for a good few years yet. Though, on second thoughts, as she has already completely mastered the art of the teenage strop, the stomp and the door slam, I might just write her a letter and hide in the cellar until she calms down or grows up, whichever comes first.

Last week, it was the Year Six school production which was emotional. Tomorrow is the Year Six Leavers Assembly which will be even more emotional. Friday, the Third Girl's very last day of primary school EVER, will be just one long wail of emotion from dawn to dusk, guaranteed. 

When I'm waiting at the school gates to walk my little girl home from school for the very last time, I also will be shedding a tear or two ...... But MOSTLY because I know that in six months time she'll be blathered in irresponsible amounts of black eyeliner, chewing gum (strictly forbidden) and ignoring me in the street.

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