Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Gallery ... Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I'm joining in with The Gallery and the theme this week is "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"though I am mostly, for reasons that will become clear, picking trains *Sighs*

We are a family of train enthusiasts apparently, steam engines obviously but to be honest we're not fussy. Ever since The Man brought The Third Girl a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD with a FREE Brio Thomas The Tank Engine engine for her first birthday, trains ... big and small and inbetween .... have been a CONSTANT, and I do mean constant, presence in our lives .....

Inevitably, because there ARE only so many family sat-on-a-train, near-a-train, playing-with-a-train, stood-next-to-a-train, with-a-train-in-the-background pictures you can take ...... and believe me the above is a mere snippet, a morsel, an i-o-ta of the amount of pictures that I have ...... one develops pretensions and mine is that I take the BEST TRAIN PHOTOS EVER

And then I did....

Well, okay, it isn't the best train picture ever but it IS the best train picture I'm ever going to take. *Hangs up anorak* *curtsies*

Please check out the rest of The Gallery over on Sticky Fingers.


  1. Love this little story. *applauds final bow.


  2. Fantastic!

    Herding Cats & BeneathThy Feet

  3. That is such a brilliant post and that is a very good photo! You should wear your anorak with pride!

  4. You lot really do love steam engines, don't you? That bottom shot is pretty damn marvellous actually, the lines are fantastic.

  5. A fab collection of pictures and a lovely story :) x


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