Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Sex Education Lesson

Last week, the Third Girl had THE Sex Education Lesson. You know the one, the one about "bits" starting to stick out and up and, subsequently, in and out.

The obligatory letter asking parental permission for pupils to watch the videos - one for girls, one for boys and one for both boys and girls - was sent home, signed and returned. Though I failed to take up the invitation to join the pre-lesson screening planned for anxious parents, mainly because I'm not mentally deranged....

And I also wasn't that anxious, I felt I had no reason to be and I've blogged before about the importance of being open about sex and relationships. The Third Girl is, after all, the third girl and with 16 year old twin sisters, she is FULLY up to speed with hormones and the havoc that they can wreak, menstruation is not the mystery it might have been because the twin sisters are, essentially, in the end, very communicative drama queens. *Sigh*

She also has a younger brother so is more au fait than she would probably like with, at least, the mechanics of the male and, because she was four when he was born, she endured repeated readings of Babette Cole's "Mummy Laid An Egg," so she knows where he - and everybody else - came from as well.

I've always tried to answer any questions with as much honesty as is age appropriate too, and before Christmas we'd had our own "Chat," where I attempted to clear up any confusions, speculations and forebodings she might have. And, lastly but by no means least, we've never had a lock on any door in the house.

"Well?" I asked as she and her BFF, arms interlinked, emerged from school. They both pulled a face like a horse sniffing vinegar: "It's disgusting," they announced and shuddered and then sneered at any adult within a 50 yard radius: "Disgusting." And they marched off casting disdainful looks hither and thither with a "Well, I'M never doing THAT" set about their shoulders.

Turns out though, on chatting with The Third Girl when the BFF was not attached to her arm, it wasn't the content but the context that appalled them so. The having to endure the videos together as a mixed class was an agony of embarrassment made even more acute by the class's familiarity with each other. (The school is small with one class for each year so class 6 have been together as a group since class R and some of them from pre-school.)

They've only JUST started gently flirting with each other, mostly for the lack of anyone else to flirt with, and all of sudden they have periods, unexpected hair and dropping balls thrust, so to speak, in their faces and, to be honest, I can see why they may not have been entirely comfortable with that. I suspect Monday morning there'll be at least a whole hour of shuffling and not looking each other in the eye before they remember that in two weeks time they never have to look at each other again. 
Until September.

Thankfully *wipes brow* The Third Girl has not been scarred for life by the experience, hopefully because she knew what was what and who did what and *crosses fingers* even why, before the Sex Education Lesson began. She was admirably disdainful of the sniggerers at the back of the class, she didn't believe the boasters (because who would?) and she thought, in the end, a whole lot of fuss was made about nothing that was new.

Oh. Apart from wet dreams. I'd not mentioned wet dreams because, frankly who would *tuts* and those she did find disgusting.

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