Friday, 6 July 2012

When Twins Collide

Last night I sat through one ALMIGHTY TeenTwin argument, a proper humdinger with tears and huffiness and lots of Oh My God-ding going on. Shoulders were shrugged and arms waved about, there was rather a lot of shouting and exclaiming and several disbelieving snorts.
It began with what was supposed to be a treat. They were invited, as pupils who have excelled *proud mummy beam* at maths during year 11 .....worked hard and met their targets and, well, just generally not burnt the maths teacher at his desk during break-time ...... to a theme park.A FREE trip to a theme park, no parental contributions, no begging letter for the coach driver, all free, gratis and for nothing, as a reward for all their hard work.
So they went to the theme park and one twin had a marvellous time, a time to remember forever, exciting and brilliant and fab and all those special things that make up a REAL treat of a time. Probably just like that bit at the end of Grease, but with more rain and less 1950s. The other twin DID NOT have a good time and she totally blamed the first twin for her not having it.
Cue: The Fight.
Usually they don't fight. Or they don't fight like that. Or they don't fight like that in front of me so it shocked me, a lot. They came in and, at first, it was fine. But then there were grumblings and rumblings, then a chat, a discussion, a heated debate rapidly followed by a small world war (though no actual violence was exchanged *wipes brow*)
I dropped out as the argument escalated to def con 2, it being one word and one view against the other's word and the other's view. Clearly they wanted me to take sides and, even more clearly, I couldn't because there was no right or wrong in what, to all intents and purposes was, really, a bit of thoughtless mis-understanding and, quite frankly, childish excitement, M'ludThe fight didn't last long and, within the hour, sulks had been sulked, tears dried and they were all fine and dandy. The anger all gone, if probably not entirely forgotten.
Me? I was still the shaken wreckage of a disaster with my arms wrapped around my head, hiding under the kitchen table with a hardhat, sandbags and ear-defendersBut as they left the room, together, I did manage to say: "And don't do it again."
I think it helped. 

Who? Us

*Crawls from under kitchen table*

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