Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Weekend Away ...

If anyone had said to me when the TeenTwins were born that one day I would let them go away for the weekend with a group of friends, I would have been shocked, astounded and appalled. I would have cradled those helpless little bundles in my arms protectively and may even have snorted in their general direction in disbelief.

But this weekend I not only let my 16 year old twin daughters go away with six of their friends (five boys, two of them their boyfriends, and just one other girl) for the weekend, I also shoved a wad of cash in their hands and told them to have a good time........ I KNOOOOW!

I am, I know, a protective mother. Some might call it over-protective though, strangely, never to my face. I love my children more than life itself, like you do, possibly even more than gin.

I've spent 16 years devoting myself, in-between gin-drinking, to caring for them, loving them, protecting them, making sure they're happy, secure, safe and warm. That they eat the right things at the right time and sleep without nightmares. That they go to school on time and come home again and follow the rules that need to be followed. That they aren't afraid of anything at all, least of all the world, that they will always speak up and out for themselves and that they're always equal with anyone and to anything.

But you just can't teach, they have to learn and this weekend away was, really, all about learning. For me and them.

They had, of course, a great time. A weekend away with your mates at the seaside? Hell, yeah! By lucky hap, my ex and the TeenTwin's father lives close to the coast and he put the gang up on the Friday night so that they could explore the delights of exotic Bridlington for a full day on Saturday. They left early, had "THE BEST TIME EVER" in Bridlington (which is surely an oxymoron) and stayed Saturday night at their cousins before they were ferried home again in the same parental cars that had delivered them.

They learned that boys can be a bit odd when left alone in a room for a while, that one ride on a Pirate ship is NEVER enough and that I am ALWAYS right about their dad *rolls eyes*

And I learned that I can trust them, that I don't have to worry so much and that they (and their friends) are the kind of teenager I could only hope to have been *Sighs.*

Oh, apart from... Well ... *Tuts*

*Apologises to Bridlington*

*Secretly proud face*

With thanks to TeenTwin One and Two and TeenTwin One's Boyfriend for the photos :)

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