Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Gallery .. Delicate

I'm joining in with The Gallery and this week the theme is Delicate.

Oh ... Delicate? What the...?

Anyway, this is my Delicate *sighs* ......

Flowers are always delicate, aren't they? 'Cept the ones that bloom year after year after year, despite the cold and frost and the bad winters and appalling summers. They're probably not so delicate after all to be honest. They just look that way.

So...... the gossamer wings of butterflies

And bees and teeny, tiny insecty things

They're delicate, right? Though they seem to cope remarkably well with what must be a strenuous job, all that flapping about everywhere and stuff.

Mmmmm. *Thinks*

Frost IS delicate. Ephemeral, momentary, but it can bring a city to its knees with its power (or at least in England it can *tuts*) sooooo, maybe not so delicate after all.

Bubbles, bubbles are very delicate ... one pop and they're gone 


Just like the moment my eldest daughter captured in a drawing of my son when he was a baby. It is, I think, beautifully and extraordinarily delicate..

And this IS my Delicate

*Falls over*

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  1. I love all your different pictures and reasons why those items aren't as delicate as we think! But your son is definitely delicate in that gorgeous portrait.


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