Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Gallery ... Sky

I'm joining in with The Gallery and this week the theme is Sky. And after the recent Gallery theme's Emotion and Delicate, I am in heaven that this week it is something more down to earth. Er, or not.

This is our piece of sky ...

And it does do some remarkable things...

It's almost as if there's somebody.... *looks up* ... up there ....

But that would be silly.
I've seen other skies and they're alright I suppose

But there really is nowhere like home...

This is my entry for The Gallery, please check everyone else's entries at Sticky Fingers


  1. Really stunning photo's. Love the red sky x.

  2. Stunning pictures. I like the reflection of the clouds in the water x

  3. Gorgeous. Love the countryside sky :)

  4. Beautiful photos. The middle photo actually looks like huge frothy waves rolling in. My fav is the dark one of the roof top...I7d love to stick that on my wall

  5. I am fascinated by how this weeks prompt on the gallery should have resulted in tons of images that are the same and yet with the sky, every single one is different and interesting.


  6. Really beautiful photography!

  7. So lovely x makes me want to just go be outside :) great photos x

  8. These pictures are awesome. I love taking sky photos :)


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