Friday, 28 September 2012

Teething Troubles

It's been a few weeks now and the initial thrill (for me) and trepidation (for them) of going back to school has begun to wear off.

That just-a-little-bit-scared only-just 11 year old who set off on her first morning to secondary school in a slightly too large blazer has transmogrified into an adolescent with attitude surprisingly fast. I'm not sure what the first lesson on the first day was but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it wasn't "How to Stomp Up the Stairs, Slam Doors and Say Fine."

So far she's reached Degree standard *sigh*

The TeenTwins, who spent all summer looking forward to a laid-back two years of Sixth Form study, coffee in the common rule and afternoon shop wanderings have abruptly discovered doing less subjects doesn't necessarily mean less work to do.

For the past three weeks they have done very little but be jaw-droppingly aghast at the amount of stuff they're suddenly expected to do. We've had conversations but most of them have revolved around William Shakespeare. Which is nice. But odd.

The Boy? The Boy shouldn't have had any trouble at all. After all he went back to the same school with the same classmates but there have been what we shall politely call teething troubles.

So far this term The Boy has had a sharpened pencil stabbed into his palm as well as been bitten on the upper arm by one of his classmates, but there have also been various pinches and punches and bruises, scratches, sore bits exchanged all round and fallings out galore throughout the class.

And this week I had one of THOSE phone calls from the class teacher to tell me that The Boy had been fighting in the playground. And not only had he been fighting in the playground but fighting WITH A GIRL. *hangs head.* Though, in mitigation guv'nor, the aforementioned girl had bitten him rather hard in the crook of his elbow before he well, um, whacked her one.

The Boy takes a dental impression

The Boy says that he lost his temper, he says that he's sorry, he knows it's wrong to hit girls and he won't do it again. His father says he should have whacked the classmate who stuck the pencil in his hand as well for good measure. 

I frown at this, because frown I feel I should. Secretly though I want to go and shout loudly, possibly carrying an axe, at the entire class until they all just STOP IT.

But that's all totally normal? Right?

*Counts down to end of term*


  1. OMG I am shocked - I really hope this is not normal as I don't know if I could hold onto the threads of sanity I have if someone did that to my child! Hope it gets much better soon xx

  2. Blimey, is the boy at Grange Hill?!!! I had no idea that school aged children bit one another, thought that was a toddler thang! As for the pencil incident... To be honest, sounds like your boy is handling things pretty well all things considered and I for one think it is perfectly ok to lamp a girl one if she bites you, no matter if you are a boy or a girl. Obvs. I am totally against all violence etc etc, but just sayin'..


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