Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Gallery ... Back to School

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and the theme is Back to School...

I've done lots of Back to Schools, sometimes they're emotional, sometimes they're welcomed and sometimes not. Sometimes, for me at least, that first day back to school is like a gasp of fresh air at the end of the hectic, breathless tumble of summer. Suddenly there is silence and the world is still and you can BREATHE ...... generally the novelty of that wears off about 12.15.

Today's Back to School was ... 

... The TeenTwins starting sixth form. Though that actually translated into two hours at school and five hours round at their mates talking about the two hours at school *rolls eyes* The TeenTwins don't actually start actual lessons until next Monday but today was the Hanging Around A Bit, Signing Up to Some A Levels and Checking Out What Everyone Else Was Wearing day. It appeared to go well*

And the Third Girl started secondary school *gulps a bit* ..... And. Well. It was fine. We got up in time. Which was good. I coaxed her into eating a breakfast she said she didn't want. Which was good. She dressed herself but allowed me to fuss, faff and straighten with only the minimal amount of "Oh Mum." Which was good too.

And she liked it. Enjoyed it. Had fun. Didn't feel phased. She possibly even giggled a bit. She came home in the same clothes she set off in and with a smile on her face, which is ALWAYS good. She was just a little later back home than we expected. There was, it can't be denied, the tiniest, teeniest, merest thought of a panic blooming in the far recesses of my mind.

But I can. after six years of seeing the TeenTwins though the same school, gauge the walking-home-from-school-time to within 30 seconds and, unfortunately perhaps for the Third Girl, can also tell when SOMEONE and their BFF has discovered the newsagent that still sells tuppenny sweets on the way home. *Tuts*

And The Boy moved into Year Two. He had to be dragged out of bed for the first time this summer. He complained about breakfast. He complained about his uniform. He sulked a bit. He kicked things. He stomped a bit but only until he met his best friend on the walk to school.... and then they ran all the way to school, ran around the playground and, when the bell went, The Boy ran into school waving a cheery goodbye.

The Boy that for the last two years I've had to coax into the classroom? Yes, THAT Boy. 

I did not cry.**

 This is my entry for The Gallery

* TeenTwin2 had to change her A level options entirely, but everyone said she looked fabulous so that was alright.
** I did.


  1. Oh that is lovely.Glad THE BOY was happy at going back - once he left the house.

  2. Lovely post, glad it all turned out all right on the day x.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of school experience. I still don't know how I'm going to manage to not hang of GG's shirt tails on her first day at secondary!

  4. What a lot going on! Lovely post, glad everything went off reasonably smoothly! x

  5. A lovely post! My son going into year two today was the same and he cried and clung to me as well "/ x

  6. What a lovely post and great to read about all the phases of back to school. I am still a few years off the secondary school will-I-be-able-to-let-him-go phase but I am reassured that all will be good :-)

  7. Aw such a lovely post! Yes my teen has gone into the sixth form too and also had to change all his options although I doubt anyone would have said he looked nice. It is a funny time of year, you want them to go back and then you don't as it marks the next year of their development! As for sixth form - that is just too grown up!!

  8. New starts all round!! The girls look so smart in their uniforms - pleased all it all went as it should xx

  9. Wow, you have seen back to school from all angles this year it seems! I have all this still to come :)

  10. You're allowed to cry. it's the law or something....


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