Thursday, 4 October 2012

For National Poetry Day ...... A Poem by Me

The Words of Lucy Flanders
by Me

I know this might sound quite absurd,
But when Lucy spoke you could see her words.
Everywhere that Lucy walked
Everywhere she stopped and talked
Every word that Lucy uttered
Would pop to life, away would flutter.
Blue and green and pink and red
Words floated up above her head.
They followed her like butterflies,
Some quite small, some twice her size.

When Lucy Flanders was quite small
She didn't know any words at all.
But when she gurgled in her cot
Brightly coloured bubbles popped.

The first word Lucy ever said
Then appeared above her head
First of all she just said "Mummy"
And there it was, looking funny,
All pink and wobbly round the edge
It went and perched on the window ledge.
It hung around for the rest of the day
Then it quietly faded away.

As she grew bigger and grew older
Lucy's words grew brighter, bolder
Every word that she did say
Could be seen as clear as day

Whenever she said something new
Out it popped, a shiny blue
And if she shouted out aloud,
The words were big and red and round
If she was happy and started laughing
Her words were rainbows with lights flashing.
If Lucy in a temper angrily muttered
Dark clouds fluffed round the words she uttered
And if her words were filled with gloom
Grey words would drip around the room.

Sometimes the words would fade away
Sometimes they'd hang around all day.
When she went upstairs to bed.
Words would hover around her head
And when her mum turned off the light
The words would sparkle, suddenly bright.

Lucy Flanders hoped and prayed
That the words would go away
For having her own speech bubbles
Caused her no end of troubles.

A day did come when she got out of bed
And there were no words above her head
She said: "Hello" and nothing appeared
And Lucy thought it very weird.
She shouted, whispered, saying the same
But nothing appeared, no word came.
Now Lucy is the same as you or me
Whatever she says, there's nothing to see.

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