Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Gallery .... Old

I'm joining in with The Gallery and this week the theme is Old ....

This picture is of my Grandma celebrating her birthday, her 103rd birthday which is, by any stretch of the imagination, old...

... but you would never have thought it.

My Grandma was very many things, she was strong, loyal, steadfast, stern, funny and loving. She had impeccable comic timing and a dry wit. She smoked (but don't tell more than a dozen), she always had her hair done, she could be quite particular and she sang music hall songs bursting with innuendo at family celebrations.

Of which they were many. She had seven children, they had children of their own, and their children had children who had in turn had children so that by the time she was 103 my Grandma was the matriarch of a family spanning four generations.

She had stories to tell, and not all of them involved Old King Cole (the dirty version). She travelled a lot, including to Australia, yet again, when she was in her 80s. She'd been in service when she was young, was an actual Sunbeam and had lived through a couple of world wars. She'd also had twins but because medical technology was what it was when she did, she'd lost one at birth.

It was one of those meaningful family moments when I introduced my own newborn twins to her and also a relief, mainly because she'd spent several months threatening not to live long enough to see them born. *rolls eyes*

In the event she lived another 12 years and saw the birth of the Third Girl and The Boy too and each one she welcomed with joyous smiles. My last memory of her, the one I keep, is of her sat in her chair, clapping her hands with glee at The Boy while he giggled at her and she giggled at him. He had done something naughty. Of course.

One hundred and one years separated them, but they could have been the same age.

This is my entry to The Gallery

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  1. She sounds like she was amazing! She does not look 103 in that photo, what lovely memories x

  2. Wow what an amazing lady! And what Anna amazing life she lead. She doesn't look a 103 in this photo in the slightest. I would have loved to have met her and heard her stories x

  3. They don't make them like her any more, lovely story, thanks for sharing the story and picture.

  4. Wow! What an age! Your Nan sounds fabulous and looks amazing! Love your words and memories of her, such a lovely post x

  5. Flippin' awesome. I have to tell you Jodiekins, if you've not sat that wonderful lady down and extracted her stories from her yet, you must get on with it super-quick. She is a living part of your family history, and her memories are part of your legacy. It's the very reason I launched SaveEveryStep.com, so I truly hope you find a way to capture her life that works for you!

  6. What a wonderful post and an amazing woamn. She must have seen so many changes throughout her life time.

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  7. What a lovely moving post. And a remarkably lady by the sound of things - she sounds totally fab!

  8. Such a lovely post. She certainly doesn't look 103 in this picture. Amazing!

  9. Wow. She sounds a true inspiration, and what a beautiful beautiful photo. So many memories there and you have described her in such a lovely way XX

  10. What a beautiful post and a beautiful picture x

  11. Fab post! 103 - that's amazing - she looks fab - what a legacy!


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