Saturday, 10 November 2012

Comfort Eating ...Rice and Cheese

This week I had something done to my root canal at the dentist and it wasn't pleasant. It was the third in a series of root canal rootlings I've endured over the past couple of months ever since rocking the lop-sided hamster look complete with a jaw infection a couple of months ago.

Yesterday saw an end to the treatment *crosses fingers, legs, arms, eyes* but left me feeling like I'd done two rounds with Muhammed Ali and they'd told him he could only hit me in the face. I had eaten nothing all day, NOTHING at all, and by 9pm, with the children in bed or at least lolling around in their rooms applying nail varnish, and The Man thrumming a bass somewhere, I was not only feeling a bit sorry for myself but bloody starving as well.

And so I resorted to comfort food. Or at least my version which I could call something smart like Quick Risotto or Risotto Con Formaggio but it is rather unfortunately known as Rice With Cheese.

I "invented" it when I was a student in the early 80s mainly because I couldn't cook anything else. I was also profoundly skint. The basic recipe has evolved over the last three decades but operates on the same basic principle: it's quick, it's hot and it's food.


Rice With Cheese 
by me

I cup of rice
2 cups of water
Handful of Mixed Herbs (dried and from a supermarket)
Knob of butter (first added in about 1999)

Inspect fridge, decide which one thing you have that might go* with the rice
Chop to desired size 
Chuck in rice as appropriate. 

Bring rice to boil and simmer until water is absorbed
 Meanwhile grate some** cheese
Watch pan avidly until almost ALL the water is absorbed but not quite
Throw in half cheese

Stir vigorously until cheese is creamy
Throw in rest of cheese
Stir a bit more, but not too much

Drink wine

*Things I have added to Rice with Cheese: peas/ asparagus/ peppers/ tomatoes/ chorizio/ salmon (poached or smoked)/ prawns. Though not at the same time.
Things to avoid: sweetcorn (bland BEYOND bland), courgettes (ditto) *rolls eyes*

** Any cheese. A selection of cheeses. All and any cheese in the surrounding area. Mature Cheddar, a crumbly Cheshire and a soupcon of Parmesan with a little red Leicester for colour is pleasing *Pulls expert Rice With Cheese chef face.*

This week's I've-just-had-my-root-canal-fiddled-with concoction was Rice with Cheese with Asparagus.The  asparagus was slightly wilted, dug out from the bottom of the fridge and snapped in haphazard manner because waste not, want not. Cheddar (two types), Caerphilly and the crumbs of anything from the bottom of the cheese box. I briefly considered adding Mozzarella but that WOULD have meant opening a new packet. *tuts*

So, a word to the wise, if you were thinking of, for example, having root canal surgery/ your heart broken/ studying for exams/ are pregnant/ have just given birth or getting divorced may I recommend Rice With Cheese as an ideal solution for all ills but mostly the one where you're hungry and can't be really arsed to cook.

*does the lips kissy finger thing*

Arty cookbook shot (just in case) and what it really looks like

....I bet Jamie Oliver's shitting himself.

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