Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Gallery ..... The 80s

I'm joining in with The Gallery and this week the theme is the 80s.....

It will surprise absolutely no-one at all that I was a student for most of the 80s *sighs* because I am SO DAMNED OLD so this was me, back then ....

Me, the student
Graduation, interview suit and in my first job 

*Weeps for lost youth*

And no, it wasn't a perm.

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  1. Oh my gosh - we had the same 80's hair!
    Someone once pulled mine on bus to see if it was real.
    Fantastic photos.

  2. I remember getting a perm when I was 14 - and wishing I had a bag over my head for months, until it grew out.
    It actually suits you very well.
    What makes me feel old is that some bloggers will say they can't remember the 80s because they were just babies back then. Aaarrrrrghh!


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