Saturday, 8 December 2012

#1000 Snowflakes ... A Story

Once upon a time there was a snowflake called Colin. Colin was not a very nice snowflake, he was mean to all the other snowflakes at Snowflake School and would push them around in the playground. "You're not properly symmetrical," he would shout at smaller, shyer snowflakes and run off laughing.

None of the other snowflakes liked Colin, he was never asked to join in their games or invited to their parties and he was ALWAYS the last snowflake to be picked for teams. Colin knew it was because all the other snowflakes didn't like how he behaved, but he knew he behaved that way because, really, he was a very lonely snowflake.

Sometimes Colin was very sad about this, but it didn't stop him being mean to the other snowflakes because, somehow, being mean made him feel just a little bit less lonely.

But soon Colin would have to line up with all the other snowflakes to get picked for their first Big Snow Fall, one of the most frightening but thrilling adventures of a young snowflake's life. They all longed to be picked, but they all dreaded it too.

Secretly Colin worried he wouldn't get picked at all and would have to stay in school on his own waiting for the other snowflakes to come home, but still he charged around the playground pushing and shoving and tripping the other snowflakes over.

When at last the day of the Big Snow Fall came, Colin lined up with all the other snowflakes and waited to be picked. He waited and waited and waited. One by one all the other snowflakes were chosen and taken away. Gradually the playground emptied and there was only Colin left, standing all on his own.

No one had picked him. No one had wanted him. One big icy tear slid down Colin's cheek. He wished he'd been nicer to all the other snowflakes. He wished he hadn't pushed them over and called them rude names. He wished a whole lot of things but he knew he couldn't change anything he'd done but maybe. Just maybe....

Colin flurried off. He had a plan but he needed someone to help him.

Colin had lots and lots of  brothers and sisters. They'd had to put up with Colin when he was mean but they all still loved him very much, so when he asked for their help and explained what he wanted to do, they all looked at each other and said they'd help him. As long as Colin was never, ever mean to any of them ever again.

But Colin didn't have the time to be mean anymore.
"We're going to join in the Fall," he said.
"But there's barely enough of us to be a flurry," said Cecil, Colin's eldest brother.
"I know," said Colin, "We're going to do something different. Something beautiful. We're going to Fall first and light the way for all the other little snowflakes from school who are scared."

And so they fell.

All the other snowflakes were stood waiting, slightly shivering, in the dark to make the Fall when they saw Colin and his brothers and sisters floating down in front of them.
"It's Colin," they whispered to each other, "What IS he doing?"

Colin and his brothers and sisters fell with a whisper and a hush through the night sky and settled gently on pillars surrounding a small well in the centre of a small town. They held hands together and concentrated really, really hard until they began, softly, to glow like frozen stars caught on earth.

Up above, all the little small shy snowflakes cheered.

"Look," they shouted, "Colin is showing us the way."

And they jumped.

Down on the pillars, there was a sudden rumbling from deep inside the well, an icy blast and Jack Frost climbed out.

"What are you doing," he said, his voice like a fingernail scratch down a blackboard.
"Showing them the way," said Colin.
"You don't do that very often young Colin," said Jack Frost looking doubtful, "Why would YOU of all the snowflakes be doing that then?"
" Because I know," said Colin, "What they're like when they're frightened."
"Yes?" said Jack Frost.
"I know," whispered Colin, "Because I frighten them too."
"Well then." said Jack Frost looking up into the night sky at the still gently falling snowflakes, "I don't suppose you'll be doing that again, will you?"

Only he, Colin and Colin's brothers and sisters could hear the excited squeals and laughter of the snowflakes as they fell.
"No. Sir," said Colin, "No, Sir. I won't."

And he never did.

Now at Big Snow Fall time, Colin is ALWAYS the very first snowflake to be picked and he waits by the well, patiently, until every single snowflake has fallen.
It's a lonely job,  he thinks, but someone's got to do it.
And then he goes home to his family and to his friends.


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