Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's The End Of The World As We Know It...

.... Or it is according to an ancient civilisation, a large section of modern (and let's face it, probably) mad people and my gorgeous, sweet, innocent 11 year old daughter.

She worries you see. Always has. 

Ever since she was a little girl every new step has been an impossible leap, right up until just after she's taken it and then she's fine. So she didn't want to go to school, she didn't want to go sleep at grandma's house, she didn't want to go on holiday, she didn't want to go swimming, she didn't want to go horse-riding and she definitely didn't want to go to piano lessons. 

The "I don't want to..." moments have moved on from screaming tantrums and heart-rending sobs to sticking her lip out and scowling through to now, as a pre-teen, a full-on stomp on the stairs and the bang of her bedroom door. *Sighs*

But I think she's always been quite a brave little girl because, cajoled, coaxed, jollied along and, yes, bribed, she HAS done all those things she really, definitely didn't, not-ever-mummy wanted to do. And bloody well enjoyed them.

But the end of the world, that's a different matter. She definitely doesn't want to do that and no matter what anyone says, and I really can't fault her logic here, she's knows she won't feel any better about it afterwards either.

It's a worry that has bubbled to the surface every so often for months now. Every time someone, somewhere mentions the Mayan prophecy she worries just that little bit more. And we have again tried to cajole, coax and jolly her out of it. 

We've explained about recurrent end of the world myths and that this is just another one. That she has lived through at least one supposed end of the world to my knowledge and all we lost then was a teaspoon. That the current myth is based on a calendar composed  by an ancient civilization that was barely used by the ancient civilization themselves (it being the long calendar and mostly used by priests and astronomers as we all know, of course). And that they very probably got the date wrong and if you take leap years into consideration the world was supposed to end last year anyway.
We've tried realism:
Well, if the world does end, you won't notice anyway because the world will have ended.
And we've tried humour:
They'd carved about 5,000 dates on a stone, they probably got bored and gave up  with a "Sod it, nobody'll notice." and went to the pub.
The TeenTwins, gawd bless 'em, have tried scorn. *Tuts*

But still. She worries. And she will worry. Probably right up until midnight on December 21st (though I AM crossing all limbs extant hoping that nobody mentions time zones to her). 

And I shall worry just a little about her instead of the end of the world. But when the world hasn't ended I'll tell her it's not wrong to be scared and if you ARE scared it's ALWAYS better to talk about it. And then I'll tell her I love her. And then I will tell her that sometimes she can be a right silly sausage.

Then she'll probably stomp off up the stairs. *Sighs again.*

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