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2012 In Posts

Yellow Days

2012 has been my first full year of blogging. Hurrah, I hear you cheer *listens hard*.... Hurrah, I hear you ... Hurrah..... oh, never mind. ANYWAY, to celebrate this achievement I'm joining in with the 2012 In Posts linky over at Yellow Days

January 2012: I'm never very good at Januarys. They're dull, cold, grey, wet, miserable and, did I say, DULL. 
January is the Monday morning of the year, the one where you've got a bad hangover and can't remember where you left your purse but it doesn't matter because there's nothing in it anyway. Things CAN begin to get on top of me in January and sometimes I feel like absolutely nothing is going my way.

February 2012: I started February equally reflective about letting go while holding on to the recently turned 16 year old TeenTwins. Then it was back to earth with a bump, holding on to a bottle of gin, when half term rolled around.

March 2012: March was ALL about dresses and more dresses for the TeenTwins rapidly looming Prom Night. *Has to have a lie down just at the memory*

April 2012: The month of The Boy's birthday and also the month he got to bring home the class Frog for being the Star of the Week. It's also the month I started a campaign to ban Star of the Week (not really, but perhaps I should).

May 2012: In May I decided that the National Trust needed my assistance and so leapt to the rescue with this invaluable addition to their list of 50 Things a Child Should Do Before They're Eleven and Three Quarters. The I decided to help out their mothers too with a list of their very own. *Helpful face*
Oh and then I decided to reveal to the world my royal connections.

June 2012: In June the blogging community united together to raise awareness of the terrible atrocities being committed in Syria. They're still going on by the way, so the blog is worth a revisit. June was also the month that the TeenTwins finished their GCSES and were looking forward to the long summer holidays. We soon sorted that out. It was also the month of The Prom.

July 2012: July was the month of the Argument *gibbers in fear at the memory* but I AM pleased to report is was a one of a kind moment and has not yet been repeated though I still keep sandbags, just in case. Then I decided to be extremely helpful by revealing the secrets behind the School Report

August 2012: In newspapers they call August the Silly Season, there's never much to report but we did have a family day out. *Shudders*

September 2012: September is back to school month and a time of transition, the TeenTwins starting sixth form, the 11 year old moving onto secondary school and The Boy, one classroom along the corridor. It all seemed to go quite well though. I even learned some things too.

October 2012: National Poetry Day in the UK so I decided to publish one of the poems I wrote for the now 11 year old when she was small. She didn't appreciate it though.She was a bit too busy exploring a new way with words on her own. *Tuts*

November 2012: The month I turned 48 years old and I wasn't traumatised at all, oh no not at all. And in the spirit of growing up and being adult about things, I decided to lay down a few rules. Not that anyone's taken a blind bit of notice.

December 2012: I started December off in a mood for fighting rather than festivities and this year I took on Christmas and won.

*punches air*

Bring on 2013 !

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  1. What a fab variety of posts! Plenty for us to get our teeth into while it's so bleak outside. Thanks so much for linking up.


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