Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Things That I Hate......

The first in an occasional series about, well, um, Things That I Hate. Obviously there are MANY things that I hate, like world poverty, hunger, religious, racial and sexual intolerance and the current government but none of them, at the moment, get me quite as wound up as.....


The Bane of My Life

....This is The Boy's water bottle from school. It (supposedly) leaves with him every morning, filled with water, and returns home with him in the evening ready to be washed, refilled and taken back to school the next day. It was introduced at the start of the new school year, the idea behind it to, purportedly, combat the spreading of disease around the class.

And a fine idea that is, you might say, but this water bottle replaced the previous range of identical looking, also individually name-labelled water bottles that the school had which were also washed and re-filled daily but, and this is the one crucial difference, BY THE SCHOOL.

All attempts at combating the spread of disease aside because they don't, never have and never will while children are huddled together in classes and playgrounds snuffling, sneezing and dribbling over each other with abandon for six hours a day, the water bottle is THE most loathed piece of plastic in my house.

At least three mornings a week we have to turn back home to retrieve the water bottle, we MIGHT remember it on the fourth morning but on the fifth we forget it and leave it at home anyway because we'll be even later than we normally are and that will mean going through the dreaded front door and past the headmistress.
"Don't worry, Mummy," says The Boy stoically, "I won't have a drink today." And then I hate myself for a whole six hours.

And it's much the same, the other way round. If by some miracle it arrives at school, The Boy will duly forget   it on the way home. He's six years old and a boy, so I'm lucky if he remembers to come home in the same clothes he went in. *Rolls eyes.*

There is also an added threat that NOT bringing one's water bottle to school results in a fifty pence fine, but I've never been asked to pay it. I could have funded an entire library shelf of books by now and probably the shelf as well, but I suspect the teachers are just too embarrassed to ask. Or frightened.


*Stumps off to wash water bottle swearing*


  1. What I hate about water bottles is when they can't go in the dishwasher. Grrr! Who invents something in this day and age that can't go in the dishwasher?!

  2. This drives me nuts. We drank milk that had been left out in the sun half a day and it never did us any harm.

    And now this?


  3. my daughters school did this and she never took it in the end as she had access to water anyway! .. do we not have to remember enough!

  4. paying because you forget....how stupid, we get cross at the school because they dont push him to drink his (not) water as instructed by one of his many nurses, they say at 8 he is to learn himself to drink the required amount, they cant keep pushing him, he has a 1-1 and is supposed to bloody drink...grrrrr my rant has now ended ;) x


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