Saturday, 5 January 2013

Weird Crushes, Perfectly Normal

EVERYONE'S got a weird crush, of course they have. It's perfectly normal, perfectly. *shifty look*

They are THOSE crushes you wouldn't admit to out loud or in public. Those crushes you would NEVER ever tell your husband about because then he'll start to wonder if he's been trying too hard. So, of course, I'm going to blog mine *rolls eyes.*
And it's not my fault, it's mostly down to reading JoMakesSix's Blog, giggling unreservedly (and alarmingly agreeing with some of them) and Jo herself throwing down the gauntlet to do my own.

SO here goes *blindfolds husband* In no particular order:

1. James May AND Richard Hammond AND Jeremy Clarkson. And if that isn't weird, I don't know what is.

2. Tom Daley. Though TeenTwin2 assures me that is not weird in any way at all. BUT she's 17 years old and I am 48. Tom Daley is 18 years old. If you can do maths well enough to make that NOT weird, then please let me know and DON'T CALL THE POLICE.

Gratuitous shot of Tom in his trunks
3. James Cordon.
4. Jack Black. Obvs.
5. Gene Hunt. Yes, sometimes I even despair at myself *Sighs*
6. Alastair Campbell.

Who? Me?
7. Helena Bonham Carter. What? And why not?
8. Matt Smith. Which I didn't think was weird at all, but have been fervently assured (by the 11 year old) that it is.
9. Barack Obama because it is ENTIRELY weird to fancy the President of the United States. *Tuts at self*
10. Olly Murs. I KNOOOOW *ashamed face*

11. Dangermouse.
12. Boris Johnson. Yes, THAT Boris Johnson.
13. Rowan Atkinson, but NEVER as Mr Bean.
14. Sebastian Coe.
15. Ian Hislop.

Yes, well. There you go. I could have put Alan Rickman and Bruce Willis on the list too APPARENTLY *looks scathingly at TeenTwins* but I do not believe those crushes to be weird AT ALL. *Dignified face*

*Runs away*

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  1. Jodie,Jodie,Jodie!!!!!! Borris REALLY!!!!!!!
    What a fantabulous blog post! we need to chat about the whole dangermouse thing!!!! Tom, hmm yep!! *chants* old enough to be his mum!
    So pleased you did this and all because of Toadie!
    Oh and Helena Bonhem Carter oh yes!!! X X


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