Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Level Education

In 1981, against all the odds and mostly because of a bargain struck with a supportive headmaster, I was allowed into the Sixth Form. As a fifth former I barely tolerated school and rarely turned up at my least favourite lessons having mastered the art of truancy but I rediscovered, in the Sixth Form, that education is a marvellous thing and should be embraced with a passion.

I embraced it so much that I went on to be a proper student and fully, utterly and splendidly threw myself into the student lifestyle. Not THAT much into actual learning though having also discovered proper students could get away with truancy without a letter getting sent home to your mum. *Tuts at self*

Nevertheless when the TeenTwins reached the Sixth Form or, as they will insist on calling it, Year 12 *rolls eyes* I was thrilled for them. I extolled the joys of the Sixth Form as I remembered them. Not having to wear a uniform, the free periods, the common room WITH A KETTLE and (after becoming 18 obviously *cough*) hanging out in the pub with your friends at lunchtime. *Nostalgic beam*

Clearly though I went to school in a more halcyon era because, five months into Year 12, the TeenTwins have been on an assault course of a learning experience with work, more work, extra work and half a ton of homework and then it got worse. This week was the deadline for course work in Art (TeenTwin1) and Photography and Drama (TeenTwin2) and it, my friends, has been hell.

Not for me obviously, I've just stood on the sidelines and cheered them up and on, occasionally rung my hands and worried. I've worried about overly lengthy schooldays, the lack of sleep and the effort they've expended.

On Tuesday, I worried that TeenTwin1 had been at school for twelve hours then came home and carried on working for a further four.

On Wednesday, I went to the Drama BTec Level Three's performance of  Antigone, a Greek tragedy adapted for a modern audience, where I worried because A) It's hard to concentrate on anything when you've got everything crossed and daren't breathe, smile or move for fear of distraction and B) TeenTwin2 glows under a spotlight. 

The only photograph I managed to get of the cast of Antigone.
TeenTwin 2 is the one with the longest legs and the  bestest bottom.
She takes after me, obviously

On Thursday night I worried because the picture frame TeenTwin2 needed for her photography project had broken. She didn't mention it until the evening though, so The Man and TeenTwin had to set out to find another. Oddly enough 8pm is NOT the best time to buy an A2 clip frame. I never thought I'd say this but thank all gods for B&Q.

And Friday morning I just worried. I worried about TeenTwin2 breaking the new frame in transportation. I worried about TeenTwin1 collapsing in a tearful heap because she'd had an hour's sleep, a cold and swollen glands. I worried they'd forget where they were going and what they were doing. I worried they would miss the 2.30pm deadline and I worried the examiners wouldn't appreciate what they had created. I wanted to write a note to the teachers that simply said: "YOU BASTARDS" 

But I didn't*

It occurs to me that being-in-the-sixth-form might have changed a bit in the intervening 32 years since I was there. Sadly, the lounging around in the common room and having water fights on the stairs part seems entirely absent and appears to have been replaced with intense pressure, surprise deadlines and a vicious beating if you don't get your work in on time. 

TeenTwin 2 and 1 by TeenTwin1 .

Alright, so maybe its not true about the vicious beatings.

*I still might

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