Monday, 18 February 2013

Other People's Children, Pt II

Every so often Other People's Children give you a timely appreciation of your own off-spring and The Tween's sleepover guest this weekend was one of those.

Don't get me wrong. She, unlike SOME Other People's Children, was lovely. Not a bit of trouble. One might go as far as to say THE ideal house guest. She requested nothing, demanded nothing and was entirely and happily entertained by anything she was presented with or offered. She was also unutterably, painfully shy.

I didn't hear her speak all weekend.

Ok, so maybe that's unfair. I DID hear her speak but only because I was obscured by a shelf in Sainsburys at the time while she chatted sotto voce to The Tween who chatted sotto voce back.

That'll be The Tween that has stead-fastedly, stubbornly and totally never learned to whisper ever. She has NOT learned to whisper in church services, school assemblies, family gatherings and on buses consistently, but put her behind a shelf in Sainsbury's and she suddenly turns into Whispering Bob Harris.

If our little house guest was asked a direct question she answered with either enthusiastic nodding or a sad little shake of the head. Asked a question that required her to actually speak and she immediately looked alarmed and beseechingly at The Tween who, demonstrating an un-hitherto discovered ability to apparently mind-read, answered for her.

In the end, it seemed best to let the pair of them get on with it and listen to their giggling and sudden gusts of laughter as they ploughed their way through their own body-weight in Haribo, through the closed door.

The Tween was entirely gentle with her shy friend. She was protective, encouraging and kind ALL weekend. That'll be the stair-stamping, stompy, shouty, door-slamming, sulky Tween that we've come to know and dread. That'll be that Tween, that will.

*Heaves a sigh of relief*

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  1. Oh my own DD is also shy, she'd probably behave like that at a 'strange' home (not that your home is strange - though actually....) And a few years ago there was a girl in her class who actually never sppoke, she had some sort of condition where at home she was chatty as anything but outside she just couldn't speak. Some sort or extreme social phobia I think! Sad really. Glad your tween gets on ok with her quiet mate though.


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