Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Taking Precautions ...

We've discussed it for a while now, in late night chats in the quiet minutes when everyone else is out of the way. We've talked about it, considered it, debated it, argued (a little) over it, laughed about it and, eventually, decided it. We've decided we're ready to go to The Next Step. Yes, we have. *Brave look*

Well, The Daughter has decided she's ready. I'm NOT entirely sure that I am.

When I gave birth to The Daughter 17 years ago, I wished several things for her and her twin sister. All the usual things that all parents want for their children obviously; intelligence, good looks, talent, personality, a sense of humour, untold riches and a quick rule of the world.

But I also wished that A) They would NEVER get into Barbie and B) They could talk to me about ANYTHING. Anything at all, and everything. Their lives, their worries, their desires, passions, happinesses and sadnesses....
What? I was overwhelmed I'd just had twins.

But sometimes wishes do come true. Not the one about Barbie obviously *looks darkly at Grandma* but we talk and they share. Lots. Which is why when The Daughter decided that she was ready for The Next Step, she discussed It with Him and then she told me.

And then she probably told Him that she'd told me......

Anyway, what we're all agreed on is that if she HAS to do that kind of thing *rolls eyes* then she should be taking suitable precautions while she's doing it. So today I went with her to the fitting of her brand new shiny contraceptive implant.

Not a good contraceptive method
Not because I needed to: she's 17 and doesn't need my permission for very much anymore. Not because I felt I should do: she's 17, capable of making her own decisions and doesn't need anyone to speak for her. I went because she asked me to. She's 17. And sometimes she still needs her mummy.

I held her hand while they implanted the implant and I wished for two more things.
 A) That she never tells me when. Or where. Or how long. Or if they high fived afterwards.
 B) That if she does ever have a baby, she doesn't ask me to be her birth partner

*Tries to shake feeling back into hand. AGAIN*

This blog was written with the full co-operation and editorial approval of The Daughter or whom I (and the Nurse at the Doctors) are very, very proud. 


  1. Oh wow, how great that she wanted you there - well done!

  2. Great that you have a good open relationship. Me and my 16 year old have too. She isn't sexually active yet, but does suffer horribly with her periods and we have considered her using contraceptives for that reason, as our GP suggested it. I did make sure I told her that doesn't mean you don't need a condom as well tho! :)

    1. Ha, yes we are also going for a belt and braces approach, safety always first :)

  3. Good for you!! I'm so happy that you have supported your daughter in her decision to grow up and be responsible for her choices! Now you have the lines of communication open enough to be able to talk about how to ensure that even though she is on birth control she doesn't get pregnant (condoms). She needs to remember that birth control does in fact fail sometimes. Although, I have to say, the implant is a really great option, since she won't need to think about it at certain times of day. Bravo to you mom!!

    - Carmen
    Young Parenthood: A Sort of Beautiful Challenge


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