Monday, 1 April 2013

Feeling Good with the Feel Good Forum

The Boots Feel Good Forum is an online and on-air one-stop destination for all your health and beauty queries. Presented by Kate Thornton every Sunday (at 7pm on Real Radio and 8pm on Smooth Radio) with a range of experts to answer your questions, you can also catch up with the top tips on the Mumsnet Feel Good Forum any time you like.

I am not renowned for my beauty regime preferring what I like to call the natural look (and what everybody else probably considers the Dragged-Through-A-Hedge-Before-Breakfast look) but there does come a time in every woman's life when she needs all the help that she can get.

Eighteen months shy of my 50th birthday, my time is now, before I start hiding the mirrors and only leaving the house in the hours of darkness, but where do you go for help and where do you start in a market overladen with creams, unguents, serums and potions that promise the earth and cost just as much? I don't mind growing old disgracefully, but I want to look good while I'm doing it.

The Boots Feel Good Forum is designed to be that one-stop shop for advice and expert top tips for people who prefer hard facts to the hard sell. As a WAHM mother-to-four (five if you count The Husband, which would be advisable) I don't have the time or inclination to browse magazines or linger around the beauty aisle, so I listened a couple of the series' podcasts (links below) while doing something else. Obviously. Multi-tasking I can do.

And I learned something that if it doesn't change my life, might help my skin deal with it better. I learned that I should be looking for the over-the-counter creams that list retinol or retinyal palmitate in their ingredients. I believe it too because having heard it on the radio, I could pop over to the forum, read expert dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting's top tips but, more importantly, see her photo. And she has absolutely lovely skin. *Sigh*

Dr Nick Lowe, another dermatologist and anti-aging expert, was even more comforting encouraging a simple two step routine morning and night, regular cleansing suitable for your skin-type, staying out of the sun and wearing sunglasses. Even I might manage that.

 AND if you're at a bit of a loss at what you're skin type is (like some people *shuffles*) then there are skin care advisors in Boots stores who can help you.

The two shows I listened to did make me feel good too which I didn't really expect. I expected it to be a long-list of must-have, purse-bursting products that I shouldn't live without but it wasn't. There was genuinely helpful advice delivered in a happy chat format led by Kate Thornton who I would now have no problem with accosting in the supermarket aisle and discussing the benefits of dry shampoo and dirty hair.

*Apologises to Kate Thornton in advance*

And if you want to know why sleep is good for you and having dirty hair helps *kisses Trevor Sorbie on the head* tune into Episode 4. If you'd prefer to hear that smiling is good for you, frowning bad and the best thing is to keep it simple, tune to Episode 3.

You're welcome.

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