Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Learning to Dye ...

One of the major thrills for the TeenTwins when they first moved into Year 12 was not the excitement at
expanding their educational horizons. Oh no, it was mostly because they would be able to dye their hair... *rolls eyes*

The Academy has, for lower years, strict rules about uniform. Every item, blouse, skirt, jumper and blazer MUST be embroidered with the Academy logo, a rule that necessitates only purchasing from approved uniform  stockists at three times the cost of the high street. From the thickness of the black tights (opaque, 40 denier and worn in the depths of winter as well as the heights of summer regardless) to the flat, black blandness of shoes and the colour of a hair bobble or school bag (in the school colours), the rules are all about not standing out from the rest. And there's a daily check at the school gates every morning just to make sure that no one sneaks in incorrectly clad.

In Year 12 (or the Sixth Form for old-fashioned non-Americans like me), the rules relax enough for students to wear appropriate "business wear," discreet jewellery and, as the TeenTwins interpreted it (having abided by every single rule throughout their tenure at the Academy) with any bloody hair colour you like.

So my naturally dark chocolately, glossy haired daughters have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into a variety of hair dye strategies. TeenTwin went temporarily green, has had dip dyed ginger ends and then a whole-over ginger do, for which I blame Ed Sheeran *tuts.*  TeenTwin2 went purple, then purple with dip-dyed pink ends which eventually faded to crimson and orange and then back to purple and pink. Though today, not many weeks later, she has dyed it again but this time back to a close an approximation of her natural hair colour as she could find on the chemist shelves. I only wonder what's coming next...

Meanwhile TeenTwin1 is planning on being blue because, well...

TeenTwin 1's Reasons For Having Blue Hair

1) She's going to Leeds Festival and if she has bright blue hair she'll be easier to spot on the telly.
2) She's camping over the weekend at Leeds Fest and it won't matter if her hair looks unwashed and rubbish because it will be BLUE!
3) It will match her Superman top.
4) It will match her nails AND she's already bought the nail varnish
5) She could put a light on top and pretend to be the Tardis to entertain The Boy (I think she's lying about this one)
6) It will be BLUE
7) It WILL be blue
(...continue to infinitude.)

Not that she needs any justification at least not to me. Hell, if I wasn't the respectable 48-year-old mother-of-four that I am, I'd have bloody blue hair too. Er, hang on....


*Runs to chemist*

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