Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Oldest Thing In My Wardrobe....

As part of some misguided, and subsequently abandoned (much like Spring itself), spring cleaning attempt, I have been into the very depths of my wardrobe and emerged slightly dusty but nostalgic after unearthing the dress that has been with me the longest of any item of clothing, ever. Longer even than my very first wedding dress, even if I got rid of that dress's particular husband 14 years ago.

The dress, my oldest dress, is one I bought from a second-hand market in the early '80s for the then vast sum of £5. At least it was vast to me, a then-impecunious student living on a grant cheque of £200 a term. It had, according to the man who sold it, been hand-made for a ballroom dancer. The dress spoke to me of sophistication and cocktails, only one of which I was overly familiar with but I always had hopes that I would achieve sophistication. 

Which is probably why I still have the dress hanging in my wardrobe. I'm still waiting. *Sigh*

It is, though, a beautiful dress, beautifully made and once upon a time it's ruffled semi-bustle gave me a sashay that said more eloquently than a knee in the bollocks that I was more than a half-a-pint of lager girl.

Thirty years and four children later, my sashay is more of a waddle and although I can still fit into the dress, it is in a very much don't-sit-down, go-out-in-public kind of way. That zip would never get closure, that's all I'm saying.

So I made TeenTwin1 put it on....

She hated it. She thinks it should be shorter. A lot shorter. *tuts* 

So here I am in the only surviving picture of me wearing the dress, aged 23, at the infamous Motorway Service Station Ball in my final college year, 1986 to 1987. 

And yes, it was a ball in a motorway service station. We WERE students.

What's the oldest thing in your wardrobe?

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  1. I needed a good support as my new dress was thin, I ordered a bodysuit made for low-cut/backless dresses and it is great. It runs long for me; I'm 5'5 even with 3 or so inch heels, it was still long.


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