Monday, 17 June 2013

Down The Garden Path ....2

Since the last trip Down The Garden Path two weeks ago, the apple tree has lost it's pretty blossom. Boo. 

But started growing apples. Hurrah.

And hurrah indeed because The Boy has an apple habit that is frankly financially draining .. though come apple harvest time he'll probably have given up eating them altogether. *Sigh*

With Wimbledon just a few days away, we SHOULD be stuffing ourselves silly with the fruits of the strawberry patch, but we're STILL waiting for the strawberries to ripen... far, only one lone brave strawberry has made an effort *tuts*

*Taps foot impatiently*

At least the redcurrants are ripening...

Though not the blackcurrants

Or what I think are the blackcurrants, because they too remain stubbornly green.

...just like the raspberries.

At least the peas are making a proper effort

Well done, those peas.

The sweetcorn too is thriving.

Now all I have to do is to convince the family to eat the damn stuff when it grows

Meanwhile The Boy and The Tween are hard at work on the early stages of a Worm Hotel

(patent pending).

And  the bees are just hard at work being bees


*hides in shed*


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