Monday, 3 June 2013

Down The Garden Path .... 1

A few days of continuous sunshine and suddenly the allotment is starting to burst into life. Though over the past few months it's been a close run thing. I've spent several nights shivering unseasonably and wondering whether the peas would survive the night. Yes, really.  And I know, I should get out more.

There's been casualties along the way, it can't be denied. A suitable funeral WOULD have been held for two intrepid courgette plants. If only the slugs hadn't eaten the evidence *stifles sobs*

But with the sun comes hope and in just days the garlic chives have gone from this...

to this....

......unless they were just scared by the Great Courgette Massacre :/

But the rest of the allotment IS starting to spring into life... at last

The apple tree has blossomed

The strawberries have flowered and are trying really hard to be strawberries... ones. *Tuts*

And the raspberries have grown beards .... Oh.

 Meanwhile the bees are doing their thang and getting their bee thang thing on, like they do. Which is good. Obviously.

Love those bees. Bees are really great.


 *hides in shed*


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