Thursday, 27 June 2013

Happy Blog Birthday To Me ...

Champagne and gin for all! Today, this day, is The Quirky Kook's second blog birthday. Hurrah!

And, like any other two year old, it's a bit messy, unpredictable, prone to tantrums and badly in need of a sponge down with a damp cloth (or perhaps that's just the laptop screen). *Tuts* Nevertheless one cannot let a two year milestone pass without reflecting on what might have been ...

Basically I might never have discovered Twitter.

*Appalled face*

But I did discover Twitter and with it, on it and through it blogs, bloggers and blogging. And yes, I know I was late to the party but for that I blame my incoherent snobbishness with words. I mean "blog" ? .. *rolls eyes* What kind of word is that?

Nevertheless word rage aside, I discovered that people (I prefer not to think of them as bloggers for obvious reasons) wrote about anything and everything they chose to. Sometimes beautifully, sometimes not. Sometimes with rib-cracking humour. Sometimes with gut-wrenching, tear pricking honesty. 

I've been a newspaper, magazine and web journalist, writer, copywriter and general pen dogsbody for nigh on 30 years. But writing for pleasure? Without any financial inducement? *quizzical look*

What a bloody weird idea.

But, wait, I can write about what I want to write about... ooooh. *wide eyed look*

Enthralled with this whole new world I blogged my first ever blog.

And then I couldn't stop blogging.

Over the past two years,  I've learnt there's a whole lot more to blogging than I ever expected. Apart from popular blogging communities like BritmumsMumsnetNetmums and Tots100, there's a genuine camaraderie between bloggers who bind together like the ingredients of a cake when one of their own needs their help or simply a hug. It is an inspiring community of people (men and women) that I hope I'm a small part of.

I've also learnt that Spam is not simply a canned meat made infamous by Monty Python and that I'm unwilling to sell my soul (even if it is for fifty quid) to give a certain supermarket any kind of endorsement. Which was unexpected frankly, I AM a trained journalist after all and, of course, every little helps.

So here we are, two years later. I can almost tell people I'm a blogger with a blog that I'm blogging on without cringing.

But not often.... Damn that word.

*Raises glass*

*Slides off chair*


  1. Just found your blog through Britmums #MBPW, and wanted to say - Happy Blog birthday!
    2 is quite the accomplishment!
    And I hope that when I reach 2 I will be able to look people in the eye and tell them I blog :)

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!!!


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