Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Harlot's* Shuffle ...

Most nights I listen to music and these days I do it via my aged iPod Classic upon which I have, over the years assiduously, diligently and with carefully considered forethought collected, compiled and hoarded a selection of music.

On it are my favourite bands (full discography of each obvs); many, many odd individual songs that mean so much they're stitched into my veins regardless of their provenance; several un-issued releases from Bands-I-Have-Known; and songs I have been known to dance to.

There are tracks that are there simply because they're memories captured, sparking a spiral fall into another place and another time. And there are tracks that I've downloaded because a child needs it, wants it and can't live without it. As if that's a reason. *Rolls eyes*.

Oh, and then there's some right sh*t that may, or may not, have been downloaded under the influence of wine-related enthusiasm. *Looks shifty*

I mostly access this box of musical delights through the shuffle option. Creating one's own compilation album, every night, all night? There's even rubbish on there I don't WANT to listen to like on a proper compilation album.... iTunes shuffle (or at least my iTunes shuffle) is right up there with those behemoths of worst compilation albums ever like Ronco and K-Tel. It's living dangerously, but I love it.

Though it can make it awkward when we have visitors. There are only SO many ways that you can explain your reasons for having The Stripper blaring out at lunchtime and none of them (five, if you were wondering) are any good. I did download it for a friend. What of it? ....  The man tiling the kitchen next door didn't looked convinced either. Note to self, keep the windows shut whatever the weather.

So take your musical appreciation by the hand and join me on a journey through the next five tracks on my iTunes shuffle ....

First up, Kate Bush "Moving" and the first track off her album "The Kick Inside." That's cool, I can live with that despite many years of being told I look like Kate Bush. I do not look like Kate Bush. Kate Bush, sometimes, might look like me. *tuts*

Number 2: "The Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin. Also cool, I love Led Zeppelin. I walked down the aisle to What Is And What Should Never Be, like you do. Beats the hell out of a bit of Bach.

3. Robbie Williams: "Grace" I love Robbie Williams. True fact hard with knobs on. That I once interviewed Take That in the very early afternoon-gigs-in-nightclubs-for-schoolkids part of their career and didn't marry him immediately occasionally depresses me.. *sad Cougar face*

4. Jospeh and Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, "Poor, Poor Joseph": At no point do I remember dowloading the soundtrack to Joseph. And I have absolutely NO interest in Donny Osmond, at all. Uh no, not me. Oh alright then, maybe just a little bit..

If you were thinking of having a sing-a-long with the family on a lengthy car journey though, you can't go wrong with a bit of Joseph,  *taps side of nose* *says no more*

Number 5. Tom Jones: "Lord Help The Poor and Needy" I love Tom Jones even more than I love Robbie Williams. When this happened my squeals could be heard by nesting penguins in the Antarctic. And at a party a long time ago a couple of guys once mocked my love of Tom Jones, they laughed at him and me. And they covered a newly bought Tom Jones CD with tomato sauce. Then they stuck it to a kitchen cupboard and they laughed again. A lot.

Extracting my own peculiar revenge I eventually married one of those guys and have accompanied our 14 year relationship since with regular, comprehensive and inexhaustible amounts of Tom Jones....


Things we have learned on this week's iPod journey: Revenge is a a dish best eaten not just cold but while nicking half the duvet and with Tom Jones on repeat. *nods*

Next week, another five random tracks from my iPod. What's on yours?

*Not an actual harlot.

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  1. The first 5 tracks from this morning's shuffle:

    Bells of Freedom - Bon Jovi (album: Have A Nice Day)
    Movement from Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony
    Live With Somebody You Love - Martin Guerre soundtrack
    Hot Cha - The Might Be Giants (album: Flood)
    Caveman Love - Horrible Histories


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