Sunday, 7 July 2013

I'm A BeeBeliever ..

This week for Silent Sunday, I published a picture of a bee ... or a wasp, I'm no expert but it was definitely stripy, buzzy and hanging around a flower ... and I got some lovely comments from other bloggers who admitted to having a bit of a thing about taking their own bee photos and I thought: "Hoorah, it's not just me."

Because *stands up and says it loud and proud* : "I am A Quirky Kook and I'm a BeeBeliever" .... which is a bit like being a Belieber, but doesn't involve an annoying little insect. Oh.

Anyway, over the past couple of years I have taken many, many, many pictures of bees (or wasps) and, frankly, I have no idea why. In pursuit of this passion though I have planted bee attracting plants in the garden and allotment - lavender, thyme, mint, sunflowers, godetia, salvia, verbena, hollyhocks, marigolds, bramble plants and an apple tree -to entice them in front of the lens.

I take photos on my phone camera as it's what I usually have in my back pocket when I'm knee deep in weeding. It was the shots that I got on my old Defy that convinced me when I upgraded to stick with Motorola so now I use a Razr.

So for the first time, collected together, I would like to introduce my gallery of bees (and some wasps) *bows*

And this is my favourite bee picture which was, ironically, one of the first I ever took two years ago.

"You just put your head in and go wibble, wibble wibble"
 BeeBelievers Unite !

Disclaimer: I have not been asked by either Motorola, Justin Bieber or any bees to mention them in this post but what of it, I did anyway.

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