Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Best Wedding Present Ever ...

At the end of this month eight years ago I married The Man of my dreams.

(That I had already supposedly married the man of my dreams and discovered he was the stuff of nightmare within 24 hours of having the ring put on my finger, I will quickly gloss over. I do believe though, that every woman should marry Totally-The-Wrong-Man at least once because it gives perspective if nothing else. And as my first marriage also gave me the TeenTwins, I can't even bring myself to regret it much.)


During my first marriage I learned a couple of important lessons. One was never say yes to making a cricket tea and the second was never to rush into marriage again. It took four years from The Right Man asking me to marry him in the delivery room of the local hospital after I had given birth to our daughter before we got round to actually getting married.

And after the wedding bit and the champagne bit and the dancing barefoot to AC/DC in the park bit, I found amid the wedding paraphernalia in our honeymoon hotel room a gift from TeenTwin1, then nine years old.

It was and is a book of  utterly invaluable advice and guidance on marriage. It's one of the most precious books I own and definitely one of the most wise.

Nobody knows what she had against boats, but we didn't go on one just in case.

But my favourite part is her idea of love:

Which reads: 

"Love is the main ingrediant for a happy cheerfull marriage. you need lots of this to have a sucsessful marriage. Your husband must also make love and buy you chocs as well and also lots of  flowers and roses."

And do you know, she's not far wrong.

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  1. Oh if either of my daughters did this (and if I ever got married - not likely) - it would be one of my most treasured possessions! Just brilliant x


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