Tuesday, 23 July 2013

There's a Hole in my Bucket List ....

The busy term-time diary of do this, do that, be there, when and why is done and dusted for another year and the long summer school holidays stretch ahead of us temptingly empty and ready to fill with fun, games and real wild times.

Or not.

I asked The Tween what she would like to do over the holidays, she compiled a list. It read:

1. Do nothing
2. Be alone.
3. Go shopping with *insert best friend's name* at *insert name of local shopping centre* ALONE

So that looks like fun for all the family. Not.

I asked the TeenTwins if there was anything in particular that they would like to do over the holidays and the pair of them rolled their eyes with an impressive twin synchronicity. They have WORK to do in preparation for Year 13, Important Work that will forbid any and all activities of a family nature because they will be so very, very busy. 

Not too busy to go out with their friends at the drop of a hat though. Apparently.

*watches them disappear out of the door AGAIN.*

And so I asked The Boy and he too made a list, his read:

1. Eat fish and chips.
2. Build the electric railway.
3. Go to the train station.

Which might, if we take our time eating the fish and chips, fill up a day. Though of course he wants to the same thing. Every. Single. Day.

The family bucket list definitely had a hole in it so I made a bucket list of my own:

1. Go swimming
2. Have a couple of days away
3. Go to a zoo.
4. Create something (and not just a mess)
5. Visit a few art exhibitions
6. Spend a day in York
7. Go to the cinema
8. Spend a day doing absolutely nothing at all but watching videos and eating ice-cream.
9. Go pleasure shopping (which is nothing like normal shopping and involves trying on things you wouldn't be seen dead in and wondering whether you really need a 6ft tall furry penguin)

And then I realised tackling my bucket list would be a MUCH more enjoyable if I didn't have to cart four moaning, groaning and complaining children behind me; two of  whom want to be elsewhere, one who wants to be anywhere else and one would much rather be watching trains, preferably whilst eating chips.

*Buys a couple of steam train DVDs and puts the fish and chip shop on speed-dial*


Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored or paid to mention the Wakefield Music Collective's Clarence Park Festival. As if. *rolls eyes* 
But I did anyway because of this and that.


  1. I think we should swap kids because I would love to spend the summer doing nothing except eating fish and chips but my 4 have other ideas. They only broke up Friday and they've already started asking where I'm taking them cos they're bored!

  2. I sympathise My teen didn't come home on the last day of school she went straight to a friends house for a party, that's how much she's looking forward to family time!

  3. LOVE the fish and chips idea! I think i'll add that to my daily bucket list too. hope you have a good summer x


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