Saturday, 10 August 2013

Discover The Dinosaurs ...... Things to do in the Summer Holidays

Part of our summer holiday challenge has been finding stuff to do that is not too far away, not too expensive and fun for all the family. And yesterday we achieved something akin a to miracle by having a family outing that ticked all the boxes.

The usual difficulty in amassing all four offspring into a cohesive group to leave the house was cunningly circumnavigated by declaring a unilateral Visit to Grandma's, not a family trip even the most foolhardy of teens bails out of without serious forethought and a carbon-fibre clad excuse.And  Grandma lives in Ossett which is a mere bus ride, 25 minutes or three miles away.

In Ossett is Trinity Church on Church Street, obviously. It's spire is a landmark across the small market town, it's churchyard the resting place of the town's dignitaries and heroes but this summer inside the church you can, unexpectedly, Discover the Dinosaurs, the work of Ossett artist Christian Cristobal.

Apparently Christian has been making dinosaurs in his Ossett garden since 2006. Sadly there is no record of the number of the people who ran shrieking down his street after visiting.

And it's no less disturbing to discover a small Jurassic Park in a church to be honest. The dinosaurs are beautiful but eye you in an entirely unsettling way. It gets even more unsettling when one of them moves..

.. And yes you can still hear the echo of my shrieks and I was the one who KNEW there'd be a man in a dinosaur suit walking around. *Tuts at self*

But we got braver
(My standing behind the pillar being ENTIRELY accidental obviously)

And braver still ...

And then we discovered how it was done....

Still. Scary.

The Boy was obviously entranced, it being the law, statute and a declaration from on high, that all small boys are obsessed with dinosaurs, but surprisingly the rest of the tribe were entranced too. Seventeen-year-old TeenTwin1 was even more entranced than The Boy, ten years her junior. I have already warned her boyfriend that all opportunities to co-habit will require extra space for a mammoth.

And even The Tween smiled ..

But then she did get to chase us all with a dinosaur of her very own ... at least until TwinTeen1 saw it

*Rolls eyes*

Discover The Dinosaurs is at Trinity Church, Church Street, Ossett, until August 20th Tickets are £3 for adults, £2 for children. Family tickets are £8.

Disclaimer: This review has not been solicited or sponsored. All views are my own and the children's.


  1. thank you very much this is so lovely im glad you and your family have a great day,
    Dinosaur discovery

    1. Thank YOU Christian, you make excellent dinosaurs :)


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