Sunday, 1 September 2013

Pictures of Summer

One of the things I've enjoyed the most while writing this blog over the last couple of years is taking the pictures that go on it. I'm not anything other than an enthusiastic amateur and use either a point and shoot camera or my phone camera, neither of which is anything special, but I've been pleased with the results....

..... Or at least I was until I idly picked up and played with a DSLR while out shopping a couple weeks ago that boasted a 35x optical zoom among other things. It made me go "Oooh" and then it made me go "Ahhhhh" and then it made me go: "I WANT ONE." I didn't actually throw myself to the floor and drum my heels in a tantrum but only because the salesmen was hovering, and I can't stand salesmen.

So my new ambition, apart from becoming Queen of the World and looking like Beyonce in a leotard, is to have a camera like that camera of my very, very own. Though the likelihood of getting one anytime soon, with four children apparently on a never-ending quest to empty the family coffers, IS going to be about as achievable as becoming Queen of the World.

Meanwhile The Boy has developed a passion of his own for photography and all summer has taken every available opportunity to waltz off and start clicking away like a mini David Bailey with MY camera.

Nevertheless I managed to wrestle it from him just enough to take a few photos over the summer months most of which though have been pictures of bees which seems less disinclined to pose for me that my own offspring...

These though, out of the literally hundreds of photos I've taken over the past few weeks, are my top five favourite photos (featuring people and not bees) from this summer

Boy meets dinosaur

Goes off to dream of optical zooms and mega pixels ....

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  1. I won a competition last year and for once I spent it all on myself and got a camera and I b-------y love it!! You must get one if the chance comes up - you will enjoy every second of it.


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