Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Day We Met Dr Who and Batman and....

Over the summer school holidays I tried to find Stuff To Do that was nearby, wouldn't cost an arm, a leg, my first born child AND would be fun for all the family. With children aged 17, 12 and seven, that's not as easy as it might appear. And I still have the scars to prove it. *Shudders*

But a week after the schools re-opened their doors, we found something that ticked all the boxes: the KnightCon Star Cars and Heroes day at Xscape in Castleford. A one-day event held annually.

We didn't even discover it was on until I saw a friend's status update on Facebook so we only arrived mid-afternoon having missed the parades but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm. A cursory search for information had revealed that there would not only be Daleks but also Stormtroopers. And a whole plethora of superheroes hanging around the "mall" all day. I even subdued by usual impulse to complain about the use of the word "mall." And I hate the word "mall."

A brief drive, a not-so brief traffic jam and several "Are we nearly there yet's" later, we arrived (minus The Tween who, before leaving for a sleepover, complained voraciously that we were going without her). The Boy, aged seven, was excited obviously. I'd expected that, what I hadn't expected was how enthusiastic both TeenTwin's 1 and 2 would be.

Or me *Represses memory of jumping up and down and squeaking at a Dalek as it rolled sedately past* *Coughs* Even The Man was roused out of his habitual cool to get a little sweaty around the collar near James Bond's Aston Martin.

The Star Cars and Heroes day IS to all intents and purposes fancy dress, evocative props and fancy cars. It requires a suspension of disbelief, not looking too closely and a willingness to believe. It's like being a child again and just for the afternoon, not just one but all five of us were seven years old. It IS the most fun you can have in a "mall," and that IS a fact. It is also free. *beams*

And on the basis a picture is worth more than a thousand words.......

We did, as you can probably tell, enjoyed it enormously.

TeenTwin1 was like a kid in a sweet shop and dragged me but more importantly the camera I was carrying halfway through the "mall" just to get a photo with the Bain. And when the Batman said: "You're welcome" in an entirely convincing Batman voice, she DID actually squeal, which made up for her laughing her self sick when I squealed at the Dalek. Oh, and the sulking when we couldn't get close enough to Spiderman.

And TeenTwin2 chased down the Indiana Jones, accosted The Stig AND got asked by the Matt Smith Dr Who if she liked to be his Clara. So she was pleased.

The Boy loved it. I loved it. Even The Man loved it because it was genuinely fun. Busy, crowded and sometimes a crush, it deserves to be spread over two days and if it's back next year, we WILL be first in the queue.

This review has not been solicited or sponsored. All views are my own and my family's.

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