Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Gallery ... Selfie

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and the theme is "Selfie"

I know everything there is to know about selfies, you can't be the mother of a couple of 17 year old girls WITHOUT knowing what a selfie is. The pair of them are usually waving their phones about and pouting. A lot. But me? Well, when I first saw The Gallery theme I thought I'd give it a miss. "I don't do selfies," I thought. "Uh huh, not me," I thought.

And then I looked through my Facebook photos and thought: "Oh."

I, er, DO do selfies. Apparently  *blushes*

*Tuts at self*

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

This is my entry for The Gallery. You can check out everyone else's at Sticky Fingers

You can put the camera down now, woman!


  1. This really made me giggle, that is one huge (and lovely) collection of selfies!

  2. Ha, you do indeed to selfies! Great post :)

  3. You do do selfies and you do do them well! :)

  4. Ha ha, you do fabulous selfies :) That hair needs a selfie all of its own!

  5. You do brilliant selfies! Love it. Great pictures.


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