Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Son and Hair ... Again

I've blogged before about The Boy and his hair, but then he was five years old. Now a little over two years later he is, with startlingly predictability, aged seven and just starting the first week of Key Stage 2 and his hair is still quite long. For a Boy.

It's not me that keeps it that way, at least not any more. The same week we decided to subject the family to six weekly visits by a mobile hairdresser (a year or so ago) was the week I asked him if he would like his hair cut, not did he want it cut "properly" or "like a boy," I just asked if he would like it cut. He didn't and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Because I like his hair. I think it suits him. I like to play with it when we're stood at bus-stops or in a queue and I would, if it was cut short, miss it. A lot. I'd get over it though because it's not his hair that I really love . It's him.

Yet I've continued to breathe a sigh of relief every six weeks when Sarah, the family hairdresser, returns because all he asks for is to have his hair like Matt Smith (when he is Dr Who obviously, not the newly shorn version) and that can be achieved with a bit of gel and a skilfully wielded comb. So his hair is trimmed, tidied up and neatened but still it's undeniably longer than the average boy's.

That it's still long now he's reached the grand old age of seven has apparently become something of a bone of contention with some members of the extended family. Clearly of the opinion that it's me insisting his hair hangs permanently past his collar, there has been loud and pointed musings over whether The Boy would benefit from a haircut.

There have also been suggestions that because of it's current length, he'll go bald in later life. Because the weight and length of his hair will eventually weaken all the follicles and cause it all to fall out. Obviously. *Rolls eyes*

And more covert inferences that he will grow up with "issues," that are darkly muttered and tactfully unspecified, but are made all the worse by him wearing pink t-shirts on occasion *Rolls eyes even more.*

I have, let's not deny it, felt pressured. And guilty.

Next week, Sarah the hairdresser is visiting again so, not wanting to be guilty as so obviously charged, I have asked The Boy if he wants his hair cutting. I've asked him if he wants his hair cutting short. If he wants it cutting like So-and-So in his class or Whatshisname (but not Thingummyjig. I do have SOME standards).

I've asked him if he wants it cutting like a boy and, yes it made my heart sink to do so. The Boy is fully aware of the differences between boys and girls, he would have to been kept in a special cave at the end of the garden not to be so with three big sisters, but hair-length is not one he recognises.

And THAT might be down to Daddy. ACTUALLY.

*Puts thumb to nose and waggles fingers at  relatives*

And The Boy said he doesn't want to look like Whatsisname or So-and-so or even Thingummyjig. He said he doesn't want his hair cut short and I asked twice. Just to make sure...... 


This post would have been sponsored by It's Not Always the Mother's Fault. Com if it existed, but it doesn't, so it isn't.


  1. Aww I love his hair!!
    So nice to hear he is making his own mind up and not copying the other boys he knows x

  2. I love his hair too! I think it is great that he has his own mind and knows what he wants :)

  3. aww I am so pleased your boy is keeping his locks - I LOVE boys with longer hair unfortunately my son who has the cutest blond locks at certain points (when I can avoid hairdresses) has had his cut recently - his choice - not mine :(

  4. Great that he gets the choice and is so confident in his decision. (come via BYOBH)

  5. His hair is great! Good for you for not conforming to the whole girls must have long hair and boys short hair rubbish.

  6. My sons hair was long and trendy. He had it cut for going back to school, like you the hairdresser comes to our house. He wanted it short, he is 13. Hairdresser said its common at that age for the big change. It does look lovely though with a quiff. I agree with you, If your son wants his hair long let him.



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