Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Weekend in Whitby

The Boy's passion for steam engines is only equalled by The Man's. No holiday or day trip away is complete without a steam engine to either ride on, look at or stand on the footplate of. Apparently.....I've stood on far more footplates than I ever imagined (not that I ever did) or intended (I never did) during the past few years, but that's what marriage and motherhood can do to a woman. Nobody warns you about that when you're taking your wedding vows.

So our adventures have to involve steam engines. which is why last weekend we went to Whitby, like you do in the middle of October, because it was Railway in Wartime weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway a steam engine ride away up the track.

Having absolutely no intention of spending the entire weekend on the rails, convinced I'd fall off my own, the three girls and I spent Saturday shopping up a storm in the streets of Whitby while The Man and The Boy bonded on, yes, a trip on the steam engines. *Rolls eyes*

But on Sunday morning those of us who couldn't claim more shopping as a medical necessity *looks hard at the TeenTwins* chuffed off from Whitby to Grosmont Station, one of four NYMR stations taking part in the Railway in Wartime. And the only thing we were really sure of was that there would be trains .....

And also that it was raining.



but with, an entirely appropriate Dunkirk spirit nobody was letting a little bit of rain get in the way of a good time. There were hoardes of people dressed up in wartime fashion, LOTS of men in uniform, attractions, distractions, more men in uniform *cough* And engines, obviously, lots of engines.



And eventually the sun even began to shine







While I can now add the Cock O' The North to the list of Footplates I've Been On  (I don't have a list. Honest)


And The Boy got to expand his transport horizons by trying out the cockpit of a replica Spitfire for size..


... But he still prefers a steam engine.

Meanwhile returning to Whitby because no trip to the seaside is complete without a trip to the beach even in deepest October, ...



...somebody just couldn't resist a game of Catch Me If You Can with the waves.

I'm linking up with #Countrykids at Coombe Mill


  1. Those ladies look so glamorous! It is an era I would love to have a quick trip to. Great photos - the first one is quite eerie!

  2. How great that people were dressed to impress in wartime fashion, and with the steam engines and spitfire it must have been like stepping back in time! I'm glad the sun came out and didn't spoil the whole days event, thanks for linking up and sharing your wonderful photos with Country Kids.

  3. They are brilliant photos, shame about the wet weather but looks like there were a couple of rays of sunshine too :)

  4. Our son loved trains when he was little, and when we would visit various places just for him, his sisters were never all to thrilled but took a hit just to see him smile.

  5. I absolutely love those wartime outfits, especially those hats, so chic! The steam engines are pretty amazing - I guess I don't see many so I'm not steamed-out as it were ; ). We went on the Romney mini steam railway, and I think I was the one who was most excited at the novelty!! Love the wild beach pictures too. Looks like everyone won!

  6. What terrific photos. One of the train ones in particular is awesome. :-)


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