Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Growing Pains ....

Children change all the time when they're growing. There's, of course, the huge milestones of first tooth, walking, talking and managing the first trip to the supermarket without a tantrum (though I'm still waiting to reach that one myself, never mind the children).

And there's the little changes that occur in the every day that you don't notice in the day to day. Others always do, invariably making the comment: "Oooh, haven't they grown" causing suddenly surprised mothers to look at their children and think: "Bloody hell, when did that happen." And, if you're me, panic a bit that time is slipping by too fast because I can tell you on experience the passage of time between the babe in your arms becoming the Babe slamming the door on the way to the pub is the merest blink of an eye. *Sighs*

But there is one thing that doesn't change apparently and that's a child's complete inability to hide her contempt for posing in front of a camera ... at least not if The Tween is anything to go by.

The Tween, aged six.

The Tween, aged 12.

The Tween definitely suffers from growing pains .... And they're me and my camera. *Hangs head* 


  1. She is stunning with or without the attitude face!

  2. So true about the panic time slipping through fingers

    How utterly fabulous is your daughters hair?!

  3. So beautiful, and I agree ^^ gorgeous hair!


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