Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Gallery ... Through The Eyes of My Phone.

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and Tara's prompt is Through the Eyes of My Phone...

You can guarantee the moment I threaten to take pictures with a "proper" camera all four offspring do their best Usain Bolt impressions. But aim the phone camera at them and they barely bat an eyelid, just as if a photo taken on a phone is less real than one on taken on a "proper" camera. I don't tell them any different obviously, I just make sure I've got a really good camera on my phone.

And I always, always have my phone with me so it's always at hand to grab the shot that would have got away if I'd had to dig out a "real" camera, which inevitably leads to 20 minutes of someone faffing with their hair before you can even focus.
Me: "No,no, no... Do what you did 20 minutes ago..."
Them: "I don't remember what I did. *pout* Does my hair look alright?"

But one of the very best things about the phone camera (apart from it's ability to capture bees) is those photos that turn up on the camera roll when you least expect it, because it's not a camera, it's a phone and the TeenTwins just can't resist taking a selfie on a phone. *Rolls eyes* They don't even faff with their hair first...

So, obviously, I'm going to share them with the world

The TeenTwins, selfie queens extraordinaire.

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