Thursday, 10 October 2013

The School Photo ...

It was School Photo day for The Boy this week.

In the morning I checked his face was washed, his uniform clean and ran a brush through his hair even while suspecting when his turn came to pose his hair would be dishevelled, his face and hands grubby and his uniform mysteriously spattered with unidentifiable stains. I am nothing if not optimistic though.

At hometime the same day he came out of school clutching two proofs and, of course, a price list in his, yes, grubby hands. The photos themselves weren't that bad. I suppose....

.... considering the photographer had taken well over 200 pictures of individual children, family groups as well as all the class photos during the same day. *Rolls eyes*

They're not bad photos but they're just not-that-bad photos, they're simple headshots on a plain, white background. And every child's in the school, taking the usual playground hand around as evidence, were much the same. The price list was, of course, as eye-wateringly expensive as normal and had a full menu of options, selection packs and gift items.

I was perusing the pricelist, boggling at who would pay £102 for a not very stunning shot on a large acrylic canvas, when I wondered why I was thinking of making any kind of order at all. It's not as if I'm short of photographs of The Boy. He's been shot more times than JR and I have hundreds if not thousands of photos of him. Like this one .....

The Boy photobombs his big sister's profile picture for Facebook 

...taken two days before the school photo and SO much more The Boy than the one in uniform smiling politely. Trust me. 

So I'm not, after 13 years of buying all the school photos (even in the year of the Badly Photoshopped School Photo 2011), buying The Boy's school photo for this year. Thank you very much.

I'm not. No. Not me. Definitely not...... 

*Buys them anyway just in case the school think I am an uncaring mother* 
*Sighs at self* 


  1. At least he'll be smiling back at you from the purse-sized version!

    My mum used to dread photo day with my brother & I quite close in ages but miles apart in temperament. Either one or the other of us would be in a strop or a sulk or one would be too hot (him) and one too cold (me) so he'd be in a t-shirt and I'd be in a jumper or my coat!

    Do they still come presented in those awfully stylish cardboard frames? :)

    I love your shot of the 2 of them by the way x

  2. School photos, it is so rare to get a good one, lol. I only buy them on the occasion that they are actually decent. They aren't worth the money if they aren't.

  3. We've just done the school photos, and they'd just done a photo of the 3 eldest when I arrived with the younger two and requested one of the five. Unfortunately baby didn't stop crying, so goodness knows what it will look like - I suspect we have better ones we've taken with less pressure! It is a bit old fashioned as a concept now that everyone pretty much has digital cameras so can take their own 'professional' shots to keep a record of growing children. I love the 'photobomb' shot - what a beautiful picture of your daughter, and obviously the Boy is a real character!


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