Friday, 1 November 2013

Past, Future. Tense.

The first half term of the TeenTwins' new school year has been all about making decisions about what happens next and for the girls that means university (we hope) so they've been kept busy choosing subjects and courses, writing personal statements and filling in their UCAS forms.

I, meanwhile, have stood on the sidelines simultaneously cheering them on while dreading the day of their departure and offering (mostly ignored) advice from my own experience. It's an awkward position to be in because as a parent you want the best for your child and it's hard to believe that that best is sending them off to what I remember as several years of drinking myself silly interspersed with awful moments of sobering clarity, usually in the midst of an exam.

Nevertheless I did emerge at the end of my frolic through the higher echelons of education with a degree, even if it was in English Literature, and the ability to drink an entire rugby squad under the table; a talent that held me in good stead for my subsequent career in newspapers.

I had, also, some of the best, funnest and funniest times as a student and made some awesome friends .... many who can still be reduced to paroxysms of glee by the mere mention of a Water Buffalo *sighs nostalgically*.....who are still awesome and still friends.

So while I fear the TeenTwins' departure and tear up at the mere mention of UCAS forms (though that's mostly at having to pay a £23 fee per twin), I am excited for them, and envy them too.

As part of the application process they've been visiting universities they're interested in and this week it was student open day at York St John University. My alma mater back in the days when, a scion of Leeds University, it was known as the College of Ripon and York St John and where I started student life an actual, whole 30 years ago.

The TeenTwins, in a blatantly obvious sucking-up move, booked to attend the student open day and graciously allowed me to accompany them on their exploration of my once-upon-a-time world.

And while over the past 30 years, the college has changed, expanded and modernised, it still had enough recognisable parts to give me an instant sense of coming home.

What was entirely unexpected was that TeenTwin1 would feel the same. because she loved it. Really.


Despite my running commentary about what had and hadn't changed over the last three decades, my ooh's, my aah's, my oh's, my no's and my what's, where, why's.

Despite my inconsolability that you can no longer live in a room above the Quad and my frank astonishment that English Literature is no longer taught under the shadow of the Minster in Gray's Court.

Oh, and the excited squealing. Despite all that, she still loved it.

TeenTwin2. Not so, but then her choice of university is based entirely on how fascinating she finds the local accent. If she didn't want to study English Language, I'd be worried ...

But I'm not going to be influencing their choice of universities. No, not me. *shakes head* That decision must be entirely their own *nods*

Though obviously I'd really like it if one of them chose to go to York St John's,

*Crosses fingers*'s YEARS since I've been to an Archies Day in the Student Union.

Mothers are invited? Right?


1987 in the Quad and an interview suit in which to face the big wide world


  Different clothes. Same old...


  1. WOW - what a fab post and how lovely to share your memories with your twins. Loved reading this and looking at the then and now photos #magicmoments

  2. awww honey what a beautiful post and what beautiful memories.

    thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. Oh that's fabulous getting the chance to reminisce with them. I remember visiting Ripon when a friend was there, after she'd left our uni to make a change. #MagicMoments

  4. How wonderful being able to visit your Alma Mater with your twins!


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