Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Gallery ... A Younger Me

I'm joining in with The Gallery this week and the prompt is A Younger Me .....

A couple of weeks ago as part of the TeenTwins current tour of universities-to-apply-to, I took them to the student open day at my old college which led, inevitably, to a virulent bout of nostalgia for my own student days 30 years ago and a quick wallow through the photo album.

So for A Younger Me I present, um, me during my own college years, 1983 to 1987

1983                                                                                                                          1987       

I was supposed to be studying English Literature, but I did manage to pick up a few extra life skills..

.. Like you do

(It's all in the wrist action, in case you were wondering.)

AND I even got the degree at the end of it all too...

... which was in English Literature and not for drinking at all.* Hoorah.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

This is my entry for The Gallery, please check out everyone else's Younger Me by clicking the link above

*I would have got a First if it was in drinking *nods*


  1. I think learning how to drink well (and keep it down!) is part of the whole learning experience! Great pics!

  2. You look lovely! Valuable skills picked up there by the looks of things!

  3. Ah yes, valuable skills indeed :) I left with a major in engineering and a minor in drinking beer ;) Great photos!

  4. Good yard glass technique ;)

  5. Great pictures! Isn't that what uni is supposed to be about ;)


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