Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Return of The Prom ...

I thought I'd got through it. Got through it all... the spats, the surprises, the sulks, the spending and the endless shopping. Oh God, the endless shopping ....

Yet I survived it, and with no casualties (unless you count the accidental totalling of a 17 year old boy with a homemade strawberry wine punch. And my purse).

Or at least I THOUGHT I'd survived.

But like the sequel to a horror movie, The Prom is back. And this time, it's serious.

Really it is, because this Prom is the Year 13 Prom.

No, I didn't know there was such a thing either.

The TeenTwins broke the news there was a Year 13 Prom, gently, a while ago. Dropping it softly into a conversation, in passing; a vague threat that might never happen. It's not really a proper Prom, they said. Not like the OTHER Prom, they said. This Prom would be much more relaxed, they said. Informal, they said. They could even wear jeans, they said.

They said it would all be alright. Don't worry about it, they said.

And I believed them.

......Then TeenTwin2 hoved into view with a purposeful look on her face and a sheaf of dress pictures in her hand. Not jeans, dresses.. with sequins.

And every other word they've uttered for the past week has been Prom. Tickets for The Prom, the theme of The Prom, a dress for The Prom, a date for The Prom. The Prom, Prom, Prom ... And the bloody thing isn't even until MAY!

The next six months are just. Going. To. Fly. By.

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  1. *mutters about nothing being wrong with a school disco* I have been there, it was painful - both mentally and financially! Best of luck! :) x


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