Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Winter Walk in Yorkshire Sculpture Park ...

After I don't know how many days stuck inside because of illness, bad weather, holiday ennui and downright laziness, this week we decided to blow a few of the Christmas cobwebs away with a walk around Yorkshire Sculpture Park ....

Set in a breathtaking natural landscape matched by the equally breath-taking man-made sculptures that sit in it, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of our favourite places but it's not often we've journeyed out in the depths of winter to enjoy its many pleasures. A sparkling bright day, it was brittle with cold and the ground underfoot slippy with mud nevertheless, adventurers that we are, we took a walk around the larger of the park's two lakes pausing only to wish we'd remembered to bring our wellingtons.

In the trees around the lake we spotted, to both The Tween's and Boy's noisy delight, a squirrel who immediately shot up the nearest tree and waited there patiently for us to be on our way

Then we came upon some cows...

.. which perfectly explained the peculiarly uniform mounds of  'mud' among all the other mud that I'd spent the whole afternoon pointing out and saying: "Don't step in that" much to the rolling eyed despair of The Boy who sees all mud as a potential bath.

Back in the main body of the park, we visited our favourite pieces ..

Antony Gormley's One and Other
And it seemed some of the local wildlife had the same idea ...

Sophie Ryder: Sitting
We even got to go into Camellia House, something I've never done before, where all the trees were already in bud and the last sunshine of the afternoon beaming through the windows.

And then on our way back to the car, through yet more mud and trees, we came upon the HaHa Bridge, by Brian Fell. He didn't REALLY put it there as a comment on the unpreparedness of winter visitors without wellington boots, but he should have done...

*Spends a week scraping dried mud from footwear*


  1. What a fab place to visit. Want to go there! And love your photos of the visit to the sculpture park.

  2. As you say beautiful picturesque surroundings with the added bonus of some fab sculptures - a perfect place for a winters day walk. Happy New Year to you all and thanks for linking up and sharing your great photos with Country Kids.


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