Sunday, 5 January 2014

On Being 18 ...

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The TeenTwins have been 18 years old for two whole weeks now and not ONCE have they gone to the pub. Not once, and I must admit that's been a bit of a disappointment because I was hoping they might take me with them *sigh*

Nevertheless, things have changed. There's been an imperceptible shift in the TeenTwins attitudes now that they are, technically, legally and to all intents and purposes, adults.

Now they insouciantly help themselves to a glass of wine and greet my aghast stare with: "What? I'm 18." With a flounce.

That it may be the last bottle in the fridge and my need is, oh so clearly, greater than theirs is nothing to them and soon, I fear, I will have to break the news that water doesn't turn into wine however hard you wish (I know, I've tried it) and finally break the last stranglehold of a CofE primary school education.

Though Corinthians 13:11 seems to have passed them by completely, there's not going to be any "When I grow up, I put away childish things" going on apparently. At least, not in this house. For Christmas, their presents of choice were influenced by (TeenTwin1) Superheroes or (TeenTwin2) Minnie Mouse.

AND they've mostly spent the past two weeks in onesies which, if you ask me and the rest of sentient non-onesie wearing world, are just babygrows for big people. *Rolls eyes*

But they've also started to get offers from the universities they've applied for. The first came, a sharp reminder that they won't always be here lounging around in onesies and drinking my wine, the day after their 18th birthday.

It's this threat/ promise of their imminent departure from hearth and home that inspired me to put together a special package for their birthday. Wrapped up in a flurry of feathers, sparkles and tissue paper, I put five items (each, obviously) and a card explaining the gifts...

A watch: So you will know I always have time for you.

A key (to the house): So you will know this is always your home.

A large eraser: So you can rub out your mistakes and start again.

A bracelet engraved with the words "Dance.. like no-one is watching": So you can live by its words.

And a bottle of Prosecco because: Why the hell not, you're 18....

Yeah, I might be regretting that last one.

*Puts padlock on fridge*

How long is it until September again?

 Look, I made adults!


  1. They look beautiful, you must be very proud and Happy Birthday to them both! #MagicMoments

  2. What a lovely gift idea, I really like that! And I'm completely with you on the onesies thing too :)

  3. What a fantastic present! Happy Birthday to them x

  4. lol i so would be padlocking that fridge!! thank you for sharing this lovely post with #magicmoments ... good luck!! xx


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