Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Gallery ... Rewind

I am joining in with The Gallery this week and the theme is 'Rewind...'

I'm rewinding back the years to the late 80s and early 90s when I worked at the Wakefield Express newspaper. First as a trainee reporter than as a real one and later as feature writer and entertainments editor.

Oddly enough, one of the lesser talked about occupational hazards of a career in journalism is having one's photograph taken, very often and mostly when you don't want it ... whether it be for a column header or for a feature you're writing or because you're the only one left in the newsroom when the editor can't find the stock photo to go with his story. Or, sometimes, just because ... because some photographers can be right gits ...

It was all a bit of a juggling act...
..and a bit of a circus.

This WAS for a story. It really, really was...
... this wasn't.

But at least I promoted Don't Drink and Drive ... Me? I never learned to drive in the first place

And back in the very early '90s upon the retirement of an elderly deputy (male) news editor, it was customary for the female members of the newsroom to strip off and dress up for the leaving photo. Or,at least, they said it was...

... but the next thing you knew you were hanging around on street corners.

And yes, they even photographed me, barefoot and pregnant, in Mothercare *tuts*
But they were the days, they were. They really were.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

This is my contribution to The Gallery.
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  1. Oh lordy, you WERE game. Is that you falling off an actual elephant?! I know, I expect you're wondering why I'm not commenting on the fact that you were duped into posing half naked for a horny photographer, but I am guessing you already feel bad enough about that, so we don't need to point it out....?

  2. Wow how lucky are you to have all these fab pictures! You look like you have had some fun times. Love the elephant picture lol

  3. What a hilarious set of photographs! Certainly looks like you all had fun - did they pay you to dress in that bunny girl outift?! Bridget Jones springs to mind lol!

  4. These are a fantastic set of pictures and they all tell their own story individually too. What great memories :-)

  5. I love the elephant one! You have had a lot of fun :)

  6. Oh my goodness, those photos are THE BEST. I was properly laughing at you being a prostitute. And can't believe it was all fine to dress up as bunny girls for a leaving do!

  7. Wow what awesome picture and lots of fun x


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